The Imperfect Desires of Life Written by Pervej Husen Talukder and translated into English by Nilufar Jahan, the book Romance The Imperfect Desires of Life has hit the e-book world. The book is available in almost half a hundred bookstores around the world, including Google Books, Apple Books, and Amazon ( Book Link: ) . The romance was published by Bookrix Publishing in Germany in mid-2021. The e-book, which has always received five stars in international standard e-bookstores and regional bookstores in different countries, costs 1.49 to read.

Introduction Dream! Motivation to move forward in life. Dreams lead people to success. The dreamless man on earth may not have been born yet. The hope of finding a loved one as a life partner maybe someone’s dream. And this is what Adi dreamed of.

Parvej Husen Talukder is a Bangladeshi Poet, Rhymist, and Writer. The title of The King Rhymist Of Haor Region has been recognized in the literature. Born on 23rd August 2005 in Jatichar village of Derai upazila in Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. Published books are Chorar Chalak.

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