Life: A Rider on the Voyager of The Ocean


Hillol Ray


Life on Earth faces sorrow and mirth,

And moves like the voyager of the ocean-

Over time it arrives and moors at various ports,

With changes of routes while in motion!

Life begins with parents as the first port of arrival,

And then leaves the dock to set sail-

Towards the known or unknown destinations,

Guided or misguided as found in the tale!


All aboard we think parents will stay on the voyage,

Till we reach the destination of life-

But truth behold, they get off the decks abruptly,

On their own to put us alone on a strife!

We will no doubt feel lonesome and sad for a while,

But the new passengers will be on board for sure-

And the life goes along to welcome and say hello to them,

With an effort to keep the mind refreshed and pure!


The voyage of life may face turbulence or calmness at times,

Before or after the storm, followed by welcome and goodbye-

And the mystery will prevail about or around landing docks,

When we stop on or step down under autumn or winter sky!

Our eyes will watch, or ears will hear,

The symphony or cacophony at the dock-

And the voyage ship of life will try to remain unharmed,

Not to face any damage by the protruding rock!


When the time comes to step down from the final landing dock,

The voyage ship needs to be ready for passengers new-

And they will continue their ride to search new memories,

For life with a different perspective wrapped with a hue!

Regardless of the turbulence or calmness on the voyage ship of life,

Thank the God always for granting the ride you had-

And try to leave a legacy behind for the passengers,

Who will be on this voyage ship even you are happy or mad!!



December 25, 1980


© Copyright December 25,1980, by Hillol Ray


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