Poet Ms. Jeong Ae Son debuted as a poet in 2014 in ‘Arama Literature’. She served as the 3rd and 4th chairman of ‘Sunjin Literature’. Special member of ‘Sisanmaek’. She is a member of the ‘Gyeongju Literary Association’, the ‘Gyeongbuk Literary Association’, and the ‘Daegu Catholic Literary Association’.
Her poetry collection is “Words from the Wind”.
She received the Grand Prize in poetry at the 2022 Ssangmaedang Icheom Literary Award, the Grand Prize for Sejong Culture Artists Who Brilliant Korea in 2021, and the Grand Prize in Poetry at the 2019 Songok This month Literary Award.
Jeong Ae Son
The long stone wall road I walked on
It was a path made with my mother’s sweat.
my mother’s mother,
Even her mother’s mother
Until the sun goes down on their small hearts,
they did housework
They walked on the treadmill with the help of their legs
They blink their eyes at the fluttering chaff.
The day was too short for the grain to become a grain of rice.
When the fishy smell of milk on cotton white clothes dries in the midday wind
A brother carrying a child searches for the mother’s breast.
A mother raises her child with her breast
The mother who remembers her mother blinks her heavy eyes.
Just as the grains ripening under the sun are the speed of the seasons
The red sunset is ripening
Now that the mother’s daughter has become a mother
Trimming the heavy sun of Seosan
For fifty and sixty.
Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator.

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