ONE LOVE By Denijela ćuk
Denijela ćuk
 Only in your eyes do I find myself,
 while I wait for you with longing in my heart,
 and the thought of your touches makes me feel heavy,
 where have you been so far, my dearest?
 When I see your smile, it’s like I’m losing my mind,
 because I already kiss you tenderly with my gaze,
 in your arms as if I’m not me,
 I just melt away.
 Like a gentle breeze you ruffle my hair,
 you gently run your fingers over my nose,
 without a single word you merge me with you,
 enough to lose my head over you.
 We look at each other with our souls and it’s as if time stops,
 when you just quietly whisper to me: “my little fawn”,
 and everything else is told by your touches,
 at the moment when my heart and yours just merge.
 And you are silent, I am also silent,
 how much ardor lives on our lips,
 while kissing our two hearts together,
 how much we love each other…only heaven knows!

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