In the first volume of poems “Poetic Anthology – I -” with poems selected from the literary, cultural, artistic magazine Orfeu – Kosovo, 35 authors are included, including 23 authors from all over the Albanian space and diaspora, as well as 12 foreign authors translated into Albanian by Irma Kurti and Angela Kosta. The authors’ poems have been selected by the staff of orfeu magazine: Dibran Fylli, Angela Kosta and Irma Kurti. The poems included in the first volume of this anthology have been published in Orfeu Magazine and the website Orfeu.AL from the first issue of its uninterrupted publication until the recent issue 17. The selected poems were read by Orfeu’s regular readers, based on the “Most Read Posts” section, of which he added up to 750 readers in a month. Therefore, on the basis of these data, the editorial staff has succeeded with dedication to select the most widely read poems by these authors that have been presented in Volume I – of this poetic anthology with national and international authors. The literary, cultural and artistic magazine ORFEU is the only magazine in Kosovo that publishes the poems and creativity of authors from all over the world, including literary, cultural and artistic creations of foreign authors in any foreign language in the appropriate section “International Poets”. ORFEU magazine is conceived, founded and directed by Dibran Fylli, Director, Editor-in-Chief, Academic, Director, Actor, Poet and Writer. The staff is made up of national and international authors who are already illustrious and rich in literary values. On the pages of the paper Orfeu and Orfeu.AL, national and intercontinental personalities, writers, painters, musicians, actors, historians, etc., have participated and distinguished themselves. Most foreigners are not only authors and winners of many prestigious awards they are also publishers of magazines and newspapers, so Orfeu is now recognized by many foreign media in every corner of the globe. We invite everyone
All readers to take in their hands the First Volume of poems in which you will find wonderful verses about: patriotism, women and their rights, love for everything that surrounds us, the expression of true and pure feelings towards the person we love, the beautiful flowers of nature, nostalgia for the homeland, unexpected aspects of life and much more…
We wish you all a good reading and we gladly welcome you with your creativity to our magazine ORFEU and ORFEU. AL
DIBRAN FYLLI was born in Açarevë in Skënderaj, Kosovo, in 1956. Dibran graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana as a director film. Dibran was one of the first members of the (UCK – KLA) army and participated in many battles in which he was seriously wounded in the Battle of Llapushnik on 8 May 1998. Dibran is the founder of the UCK – KLA’s Hamëz Jashari Military Art Company, screenwriter and organizer of the commemorative event “He is Alive” (1999), “The Days of Enlightenment” (2000) now “The Era of KLA” (March 5, 6 and 7, known as “THE NIGHT OF FIRES”), Head of the “Hamëz Jashari” Military Artistic Corps of the KLA and TMK (1998-2002). He was also the creator, screenwriter and Director of the National Traditional Festival “Let’s Sing to Freedom” (Kline 6, 7 and 8 June), dedicated to the emblematic Commander of the KLA Mujë Krasniçi – Kapuçi; author and screenwriter of the artistic program “He is Live” part -I- and – II.
So far, Dibran has published 26 literary, historical, scientific, editorial, and chronological works. He is the winner of numerous literary awards, author, screenwriter and director of over 40 documentary films, as well as several feature films and short films; Dibran has participated in 3 International Film Festivals. He has played many major roles in feature films, comedies, and television series. He is currently a member of the Writers’ League of Kosovo (LSHK), a member of the Albanian American Academy of Sciences and Arts in New York (AAA), Founder, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the literary cultural magazine ORFEU and the Orfeu website. AL (2022)
Angela Kosta
ANGELA KOSTA was born in Elbasan (Albania) and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, essayist, journalist, literary critic, publisher and promoter. She has published 14 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English.
Angela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper “Calabria Live”, Saturno magazine, Alessandria Today Magazine, the international magazine “Orfeu:”, the newspaper “Nacional”, Gazeta Destinacioni, Perqasje Italo – Shqiptare, the magazine “Atunis”, she collaborates with the magazines: “International Literature Language Journal (Michigan), Wordsmith International Editorial (Florida), Raven Cage (Germany), Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, etc.
Angela Kosta has translated 150 authors into bilingual: Italian – Albanian and vice versa and has promoted over 500 poets in various national and international literary magazines as well as translating the books of poems by 3 Albanian and Kosovar authors. He has also translated the poems of important italian classics, nobelists and many other famous authors.
Angela Kosta is Vice President of the South Korea Writers’ Association, Vice President of the Tamikio Dooley Writers Choach Organization, Ambassador for Culture and Peace in the Organization no profit in: Bangladesh, Poland, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, Mexico, Romania, India, etc.
She is also a member of the Writers’ League (LSHASH) and BSHBSH – Italy, AAA (America), Greece, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Romania, Croatia, India.
Angela Kosta has been translated and published in 30 foreign languages and foreign countries. In 2024 alone, it has been published in 98 national and international newspapers and magazines, with: poems, articles, interviews, books, reviews, etc. She has received numerous awards from various magazines and newspapers.
Angela Kosta has been the Person of the Month on the covers of the following magazines: International Literature Language Journal, (Michigan), Saturno Magazine (Italy), Wordsmith International Editorial (Florida) and Literary Magazine (Barcelona), Elitè Magazine (Liban)
IRMA KURTI is an Albanian poet, writer, lyricist, journalist and translator naturalized Italian. She has won numerous awards and recognitions in Italy, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, the USA, the Philippines, Lebanon, China, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. In 2020 she received the title of Academician and Honorary President of WikiPoesia, the poetic encyclopedia. In 2021 she was awarded the “Liria” (Freedom) award by the Italian-Albanian Community in Italy. In 2022 she was awarded the title of Mother Foundress and Dame of the Order of Dante Alighieri of the Republic of Poets. In 2023 she was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Universum Academy Switzerland. She is a jury member of several literary competitions in Italy. She is a translator at the Ithaca Foundation in Spain. She has published 29 books in Albanian, 25 in Italian, 15 in English and 2 in French. She has translated 20 books of poetry and fiction by different authors, as well as all his works published in Italian and English. Hers books have been translated and published in 16 countries.
Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator

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