Irena Jovanović


Irena Jovanović, born in 1971. in Zaječar, Srebia, is an artist and

poet writing in Serbian and in English. Her first poetry book „Let It

Be“ was published by Inner Child Press in USA in 2013 by contest.




Water mountains

rising and falling

adorned by foamy crests

carefully and swiftly

washing sand shores

caressing them mildly

transparently and permanently

with twinkling and reflecting

with all joy and wonder

playful and lush

pouring their essences

abundantly and ecstatically

in aquatic, oceanic dream vision

wildly crashing and splashing

exploding in brilliance

of milliards of drops

multiplying sense to the fullest extent

rushing into absolute heights

and diving into ultimate depths

up and down, again and again

over and over

overall bliss turning into ecstasy

rhythmically, hypnotically

mesmerizing times of total share

like an opened resonant truth

waving me with ravishment

bringing me into the brightest vision

of lights and love

an utmost extent…

… just waves …




After hitting and splitting water

and diving into exclusive depths

and quarrying the crystal stars

from the bottom, opalescent

we questioned the ultimate reasons

until we’ve got to the final conclusion

that we need to be airborne again

and get completely surrendered to the sky

scaling light to the finest heights measures

by the wings rightfully adapted

to give maximum lift from the water of existence

the one we constantly rove

in search for true origin of sight

inside the value mighty arisen

it is the struggle we are destined to win

and elevate to spotlessly pure highlands

far above the sky, infinite

if you can only

imagine it




Longingly I wait for the day

I dream of the certain moment

to get ready to come to the stage

of the slightly possible mindset

within the widespread lifeframe

when I’ll raise up from forgetfulness

if I come to discover and reach

that primeval divine language

within myself again

rising to special heights of ubiquity

that previously have not been explained

in any textbook of ancient eons

looking for golden words inside

in labyrinths of memories and secret codes

searching for clues, yearning for keys

ciphers forgotten for ages, long, long ago

for secret words like passwords

to another dimensions hidden within

golden words, enlightened

words that brighten existence

opening doors to all extensions

to growth enormously refined

to unknown extents of brilliance

within these worlds

between golden words.

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