Biswananda Sinha
Biswananda Sinha belongs to India, the largest democracy in the world. And this is the holy land where Lord Krishna was born and that makes Sri Sinha infinitely proud of his beloved motherland.
Biswananda was born in a very lower middle class family at Silchar,in the state of Assam, in the northeast of India. The 17th September,1966, Biswananda Sinha was born and it was the sacred day, Lord Viswakarma, the god of engineering as per Hindu mythology, was born thousands of years ago.
Biswananda loved literature since early childhood and he could realise his immeasurable love when he read a Bengali novel of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, who’s known as Sahitya Samrat (The Emperor of Literature) across South Asia. And as he grew up, Biswananda became an ardent fan of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s divine lyrics.
Biswananda began writing short stories in English in 1985-86 when he was thousands kilometres away from his home to study engineering and in 1992, Biswananda published his first novel in Bengali “PRATISHRUTI”. The review of the novel was published from two consecutive days in a renowned bengali newspaper and it’s worth mentioning that biswananda ‘s first novel smells the famous “OTHELLO” of William Shakespeare !
And in the year 2008, Biswananda published his second novel in Bengali “Tomai Amay Milon Hole” at Kolkata Press Club, India and the release of the book which was attended by renowned Poets and litterateurs and high profile bureaucrats and media moguls in India, made Biswananda a contemporary accomplished writer.
Interestingly, Biswananda began composing lyrics in English in the year 2021 and he published his first poetry book in English ” When My Soul Speaks” in the year 2022 and as expected, the book was one of the best selling. Inspired by the great success of his first book in English, Biswananda began composing more and more lyrics and in 2023, Biswananda published his second poetry book in English “Light Smiles”.
Biswananda himself then truly smiled when he was awarded with the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award by DRDC, Down Research Development Council, India for his valuable contribution in world literature.
Biswananda founded Global Writers Academy in June 2023, an online platform for promotion of poetry and it is one of the most prestigious and popular poetry platforms in the world today.
Biswananda Sinha says, he is infinitely grateful to Lord Krishna for getting a better opportunity to promote literature across the world for being at the helm of a popular English newspaper that features brilliant Poets from all across the world
“The Daily Global Nation”, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as the Chief Managing Editor.
Biswananda Sinha is also associated with a leading English megazine The Pencraft as the Executive Director.
Yet… I Went… Then
I woke up at midnight
And lit the lamp
to write a lyrics for you
When an unheard voice
seemed to alert me
I might lose you forever
If I didn’t tell you what my heart
was longing for quite
What a restless wait it was
As if every moment
made me older by a year
And when the first rays of the morning Sun hit my window
I became a senior citizen who was wandering in the past
For the young, energetic, vibrant fun-loving man
I was and that
I am
Beloved Readers!
I felt a little shy
To myself little,very little,very
very little
For thoroughly
romancing with her
Even before
I knew her feelings for me
I was worried
about my future in her
absence if
she remained silent
without reciprocation
The Birds began to sing romantic melodies
And I wondered,
A couple of birds were dancing
on the iron grill of my window
And the flowers bloomed
in my garden like never before
I could sense that
Time made a fragrant Space
for me
But alas, I noticed that
the song
That I wrote with intense emotions was unreadable
For, my tears could not afford
to lose its roots of existence;
Yet, I went to meet my friend
To pour an ocean of love;
Trust me,
I asked for water from
my friend
When she came out to
greet me
For, my throat got infinitely dry
all of a sudden
Which caused severe breathing problems For reasons
I am yet to know;
I don’t know
If it is called sweet dreams
But this is what exactly
I dream about
the day I saw her on the stage
dancing bharatnatyam;
“O dear, I don’t know,
If you would reciprocate my
feelings If ever
I proposed to you
I must thank you
I owe you to make me
younger even today
Love you forever
Love you!
Streamed down
Ethereal thinkings from the realm of
Early Light into Matter world,
Its gold-horned herds trooped into
Earth’s cave-heart,
Its morning rays illume our twilight’s eyes
To labour and to dream and new-create,
To feel beauty’s touch
And know the world and self,
And yes,the golden child
Who was waiting for this gracious time began To know himself;
Her cute smile
And a tear that she shed
On the day I expressed my feelings for her,
I stored it in the locker of my memory bank
And they were the only property,
Time and Space gave me generously;
And,I became a wealthy man,
And I became the happiest man in the world;
Interestingly,all my desires acknowledged
Their senses of fulfillment
And sweared for no more a single desire
In life on Earth;
And this was when life was sweet,very sweet, Very very sweet
And I used to sleep on the bed of roses
She was a young girl,
A captivating and elusive beauty
Who painted the city pink in day
And an infinitely soothing milky white at night. My love,she was
And we began
Creating a brimming love story;
They say,
Love blooms in the garden of love
When the seed of love is nurtured
With adequate care;
And yes,there are times
When the seed dies an unnatural death
For reasons beyond comprehension;
And if the gardener is a Poet,
The valued readers stay tuned
For a touching love lyrics;
And I don’t want
To disappoint my valued readers
Though I am a little known poet, very little.
You need to wait a little
Before my war with reality ends for the day;
I wonder,it is very unfriendly,
I must rather say that
Reality is an unsolicited guest,
Love it or hate it, it doesn’t bother
But you can’t ignore it;
You know,
Reality committed a serious crime
In my comfortable life;
Reality kidnapped my love
And forced her to tie the knot with someone Against her will and she went missing;
There was no space left in the universe
To trace her
And I went to infinity if I could find her
But I failed.
Many more years passed
Yet, I think of her every moment;
Believe me my friends,
My moments beat in rhythm
Of her heart beats
And feel happy;
Whenever I feel restless to talk to her,
To smell her body odour,
I visit my memory bank
And take out her cute smile
And the tear of joy from the locker
And embrace them tight
Till my eyes go dry
And they stop blinking!

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