Maria Errico was born in Italy
A degree in philosophy with honours. Member of Fisd-Coni (Italian National Olympic Committee) during the ‘80s, responsable for Mind Disabled in Brussels for “Special Olympics”.
Publications: Poems, novels, fairy tales, collective poetic works, video poetry performed by important people: Alessandro Quasimodo and Hafez Haidar.
Future publication: Historical story.
Finalist in several competitions, merit plaques, medals, honour diplomas. Translated into Polish (Anthology), Russian, Serbian (Anthology), and Chinese. Excellent poet Award 8° “Festival Primavera” Chinese poetry. Present at Artist and Famous poets showroom in China.
A nun dressed in white,
who lived confined…
lockdown loved and hated.
Cosmic soul of high
dimensional level,
different from we,
suffering molecules,
lost, through the hours
of this world, dreaming
“That shall Aurora be
East of Eternity!
One with the banner gay,
One in the red array”.
Precious oyster, from
Calvinist Grains raped,
if I shake your hand,
Poetry sets me alight.
Now, rest…
“vanished is,
that Midnight by now
leaving you dismayed”!
Stormed into my life,
blinded darkness,
making me,
a devastation field.
A sorcery life
the transmutation
thou brought
obliging me to learn
the Lesson of the Thorns
to resemble, the purified,
Sweetness of the Rose.
Thou was not a fate in my life,
Universe synchronized us
and, Time striking
for the Change.
Racked by regret
looking not beyond
you in disguise,
where have you stolen away,
my Liberating Hermetist.
Our friendship
curious… beautiful and fragile
like Venetian glass,
only you and I know
it is unescapable
as urgent promise
of everyday life.
Our friendship
is the transmutation of love,
refusing to die,
living in the sidereal sphere
entanglement of our particles.
Our friendship
is an infant love,
forgetful passion
once burst out
like nuclear blast…
Our friendship,
now is sublime love!

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