Poems By Tuliyeva Sarvinoz


Train station

We are waiting at the station,
Look at the clock, take care of your child.
A dream train that I didn’t expect,
He runs and rings the bell.

The passenger is in a hurry, the tracks of the wagon,
Self-propelled bag, clear sound.
“Good-bye, mother, good-bye, child!”
The train moves slowly, the heart breaks.

Leave it behind and go,
A two-year-old baby says “mommy”.
I don’t know what happened, dear friends,
He is looking forward to the long journey.

Mother looks out of the window of the train,
The child cries.
Young people dripping like coral,
He seems to be harboring his pain.

Both suffer the same pain,
Take care of mother and child.
Love in the heart, love in the eyes,
O Allah, connect their paths.

Meet mother and child for yourself…

Comfort the beloved soul,
Deceive that you will come.
I follow it
We also go to the tulip field.

Heaven knows I miss you
Rain falls from his forehead.
Patience was tested on my shoulders
The vein is shooting deep..

My heart goes out to you
Get over the longing.
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow
Break down barriers.

You are my eyes in love
I saw my love in your eyes.
Do not drown in my tears
I appeal to you

My smiling faces
It was like a desert without water.
Every minute without you
She looked like a distant Venus.

My heart is broken, my heart is sick
I’ll look for you myself, wow!
Give me your identity
My heart is beating, I hear it!

I’m leaving

Let the night wear a black veil,
I will drown under the burden of sins.
From the cares of a false world
Sometimes I don’t know, I get choked up.

Who did you covet, weak heart,
I will tear my face for you.
It’s hard to find fault, wow
His face is broken. I pass through the gates.

The day when the reward of sin is measured
No one collects merit in time.
I’m leaving, they’re leaving, they’re leaving
No one can fit into this mortal world.

Tuliyeva Sarvinoz, She was born on November 8, 1999 in the Beruni district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.
Graduated from Alisher Navoi Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature (2023).
The winner of the state award named after Zulfia (2019).
She is the author of the poetry books “Song of Peace”, “I am a Girl of Truth”, “Morning Poem”.

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