Two poems

By Eva Petropoulou Lianou


They born
They do not become

They are the pillars of societies
Or tribus
THey are
They exist

Creators of rainbows
Of Angels
Of Gods

Show them respect
As you respect your mama
Your daughter
Your sister

We supposed to be all together
But the new societies
Makes us ennemies
Without care
With sympathy
Without empathy
Without self-respect

If women they could remember their purpose
The world it could be different.


Poetry unites people

We are here to believe
To share our dreams
To share our verses
Our beautiful soul

We are here to cooperate
To feel
And bring happiness

We are here to make our dreams in reality
We Are here to respect
The nature

We are here
We follow our intuition

We are here for a better world

Wishing all
To love themselves first
To love each other
To give

Better give than receive.


EVA Petropoulou Lianou
Multi Awarded Author of children literary.

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