It is my teachers who encouraged me to find my way of life, to gain knowledge, and who always showed me the right way. One of my teachers who played an important role in my life is my German language teacher Saidov Javlon. They taught me German language since the 4th grade and shared the necessary knowledge. They always made the lessons interesting and aroused interest in this subject.Today, together with my teacher, we have achieved a lot of results, including the fact that I took the second place twice in the regional stage of the German language republican science Olympiada, won various monetary awards, and recently became the owner of a B2 certificate. My teacher is Saidov Javlon, who can perfectly teach the subject of the German language.Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank my teacher very much. My teacher’s life path is a school of example for me, because my teacher has also achieved a lot of success. For example, they have been in Germany in their fields and have developed language skills.In addition, this year, they participated in an open conversation with our country’s president SHAVKAT MIROMONOVICH MIRZIYOYEV and reflected on their professional activities. They taught me to always look forward to the future and never give up. My teacher also got a B2 certificate in the near future. My teacher’s approach to his work, profession, and humanity is enviable. .I also intend to become a German language teacher like my teacher in the future. InshaaAllah, we will achieve many more successes with my teacher..Thank you once again, my teacher JAVLON SAIDOV

QURBONOVA GULSANAM ILHOM GIZI was born on April 16, 2006 in Dehkanabad district of Kashkadarya region. Today she is studying at school 68 in Dehkanabad district. Her articles have been published in international magazines, including in “Raven Cage Zine” of Germany, “Namaste India” of India Journali, “Kenya Times” newspaper, “Page 3 News” newspapers and other international newspapers and magazines covered his creative works. In the field of science, the winner of the regional Olympiad in the German language, prize winner; in the field of sports, table tennis, chess , has won a number of prizes in checkers. Her favorite activities are making decorative flowers, reading books, playing sports. She participates in Young Reader contests due to her love for books.

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