Kuvonchbek Gaybullayev

Sometimes I can’t tell the truth,
However, I don’t want to tell a lie.
Dear mother, I go away from myself,
I cannot come back to my personality.

Dear mother, my life beats in my chest,
The alarm clock of my justice rings.
When I go far away from the God,
Decease in my deep heart pounds.

Sometimes when I am hungry, I laugh
Stalking my way, you catch some food.
Mother, it is impossible to forget about
The days I spent far away from you.

Love more your youngest son, mother,
Say “my joy, my existence” every time I call.
Childhood is a poem, which is written in stone,
I wish I made you feel the peace in your soul.

I ask God the order for chaotic thoughts,
I ask God to give the meaning to all my words.
Mother, I committed the sin by myself,
Of course, I will also beg his pardon!

About the author: Kuvonchbek Gaybullayev was born in 2002 in Samarkand region. Currently, he is a third-year student at the Uzbekistan State University of World Languages.

Edited by Nilufar Ruxillayeva


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