Kuziyeva Shakhrizoda G’ayrat kizi is a girl of enthusiasm. She was born on January 1, 2000 in Bogot district of Khorezm region. One of her biggest achievements is being a Navoi scholarship winner. Her stories are published in Turkey’s “Uzbek voice in the world”, “Talented Voices of Uzbekistan” published by Amazon in the USA, in the anthologies of the Respublic of Uzbekistan “Teacher”, “For Teachers”, “Hilal” collection, “Urganch University”.
“Voice of Youth”, “Ezgu Soz”, “Marifat”, “Virtue” and “Kenya Times”, “Red Times”, “Page 3 news” published in Thailand, USA, India, Canada, Great Britain. It is continuously published in “RKDxTimes” newspapers.

Ungrateful Girl
– Why are we poor? I don’t dress like other people. All I eat is moshkichiri, complained Odina.
– O ungrateful girl, you have food to eat, clothes to wear, a house to live in, be thankful.
More than that will be conceit, arrogance, lack of visibility.

-Dad, forgive me.
– Why, my daughter.
– I hurt your heart a lot.
– No, my daughter. You didn’t hurt me with your words.
– Not with my words, but with my sins…

– Why are you crying?
– I’m just…
– Has someone moved away from you?
– No, I have come close, he cried after reading the Qur’an verses.

Unfilled wish
Oh, I miss you.
– After all, you are not far away, my daughter.
– I turned 21, now I can’t sleep with you after hearing all this…
– Mother with tears in her eyes, come, daughter, let’s sleep together..
– Hey, let’s go back to my childhood, tell me… he slowly stretched out his hands.
Asr prayer sounded.
Azan was called instead of Allah.

Mother kept saying alla…Allayo alla..alla my child who didn’t sleep with your mother..!

Uzbek Editor: Nilufar Ruxillayeva

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