Two poems by Eva Petropoulou Lianou

Poetry is therapy


talks to humans hearts..

Like Angels talk to Jesus..
Poetry belongs to everyone
And everyone belongs to poetry..

Verses are sad
Verses are happy
But feelings cannot hurt
Words are hurting if humans talk bad

Poetry is my language
Poetry unites people
Poetry opens doors
During hard moments
Truth was intoxicated
And nothing make sense

Poetry opened a window
To my lonely life
I find brother and sister
In the other site of the planet

My prayers,
My blessings
We keep the Light

We embrace humanity
Encourage the justice

I am the mirror of your soul
U are the mirror of my soul
We stay united

Poetry is my therapy
Poetry is my colorful life.



We are the people we love
The people we care
We have dreams
and goals

We have so much energy
But we meet people in the wrong time
And they block our path

They manipulate our energy
Our dreams
Our wishes

We are so many people
We are thoughts
We are grateful
We are rejected
We are understood

But we are souls.
We are only beautiful souls
Full of gratitude
And beauty

Don’t leave anyone to destroy your inner voice
Your beautiful soul

We are here to become our dreams.



Eva Petropoulou-Lianou was born in Xylokastro, Greece. Initially she loved journalism and in 1994 she worked as a journalist for the French newspaper “Le Libre Journal” but her love for Greece won her over and she returned in 2002. He has published books and eBooks: “Me and my other self, my shadow” Saita publications, “Geraldine and the Lake elf” in English – French, as well as “The Daughter of the Moon”, in the 4th edition, in Greek – English, Oselotos publications. Her work has been included in the Greek Encyclopedia Haris Patsis, p. 300. Her books have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, for the Student and Teacher library. Her new books, “The Fairy of the Amazon

Myrtia “dedicated to Myrto with a disability, and” Lefkadios Hearn, Myths and Stories of the Far East “, illustrated by Sumi-e painter Dina Anastasiadou, are released in 2019. She recently published her book,” The Adventures of Samurai Nogas san “in English by the publishing house OntimeBooks, based in England. Collaborates with the electronic literary magazine The poet magazine. She is his partner International Literary Union based in America. Collaborates for the promotion of literature and promotes the work of Greek poets. Eva is a member of the “Association Alia Mundi Serbia”, the “International Society of Writers and Artists of Greece” and the “Piraeus Society of Letters and Arts” as well as the Corinthian Writers Society

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