Kind-hearted country

The morning the sun woke up fom a nap,
Pleasant autumn wind was breezing.
Waving my hands at the cranes in the blue,
I said ‘‘Will you come again in spring?’’

The cranes replied me at that moment,
We’ll definitely return to this heaven.
We can wander the world but can’t find,
Thank you so much, dear, Uzbekistan!

To my peer

Oh, my peer, in bottom of your heart
Let the spark of hope will always shine
Don’t forget it is a gift for you,
Every single day given by the God.

Take a step boldly and proudly
Let the world stands against you
Move always towards your goals
Every moment is priceless treasure.

Let it spread light in the heart,
Your country’s past and memory
We are Uzbeks, and we are independent
The generation of great ancestors.

Today you have opportunity,
Only needed action and interest.
God is always kind and helpful
Gives ,of course, blessing and happiness.

Welcomes you the spot of knowledge,
The school is the cradle of future.
The door will be opened to science, sport and art,
Technology and business to the human creature.

Five initiatives are five possibilities
Calls towars dreams and goals
‘‘Kamalak’’ and ‘‘Youth Union’’ organization,
Are the support for young generation.

Let the thinking and enlightenment rise,
And reach out the sun which is bright.
Our country’s president will be a pillar,
Put love in the book from your heart.

Always belive, , seek and strive,
Great future surely waiting us.
In such beautifull, new Uzbekistan,
Our luck will be bright too.

Ochildiyeva Shahnoza Abdivohid qizi was born on July 17, 2006 in the republik of Uzbekistan, Surkhandarya region , Denov district. Presently, she studies at school number 49 in 10th grade. In 2021, the first collection of poetry was published under the name “Yurakdagi orzularim”. Samples of creativity were included in the anthologies “Türkçenin dünyadaki özbek sesi” published in the Republic of Turkey and “Talented voices of Uzbekistan” published in America. In 2022, her new book came out of publication under the title “She’riyat o’ziga ayladi asir”. Her new book which was called “Happines” was published in Amerika. Nowadays her books are selling in 26 countries of the world!

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