MY YARD OF JOY (with cochlear implants)

Kay Watkins

I have flowers in my yard, many birdfeeders, too.
Courtesy of my husband, who knew just what to do.
To now enjoy the beauty and hear many bird sounds
Giving me peace & joy that in my soul abounds.

You see, before cochlear implants,
I never heard these birds,
Never heard the buzz of bees in flowers,
That simply was absurd.

Thankfully my husband has the patience of a saint
To answer all my many “what’s THAT sound”
That could make a lesser person faint!
Of course I’m being silly, but I tell you, this is true,
To see this beauty and hear these birds
Is such joy for me, so new.

So to look at these pictures of my garden
and bird feeders, too,
You’ll know it means so much more
to me than it may to you.

It took over 50 years to get to this place
But it finally happened & is now my saving grace,
To now hear how the songbird sings,
even the flutter of hummingbird wings.
And they’re right outside my home,
So it’s not too far that I must roam.
To see all the flowers, and bird feeders, too,
Courtesy of my husband, who knew just what to do.

Poem & photo 2021
by Kay Watkins

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