Poems By

Fayzullayeva Mohinur

My Sister 

I have a sister
Unlike others
The flower is full of joy
The princess is beautiful.
Don’t lose your temper
He can’t be a bully
His laughter is special
He is the youngest in our family.

A flower from the past

In the net of our yard
A blooming tulip
Appreciating each other
Every day is a breeze.
When they pass, when they leave
They said: “Beautiful!”
Such a beautiful flower
I never saw it.
Look, while there is
Such a spring singer,
It stuck in my mind
It is the ambassador of spring.

Fayzullayeva Mohinur Bakhtiyor‘s daughter was born on October 24, 2012 in Boyovut district of Sirdarya region. Currently, he is one of the creative students of the 34th general education school in Boyovut district.

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