The role of parents in children’s education

If we think back to the last century, then there was no such thing as internet. According to their wishes, the children studied in depth the fields they were interested in. In addition, every parent read books with their children. In this way, the concept of acquiring knowledge also appeared in the child. Tell me, which child does not want to be knowledgeable, pious, and know a foreign language like their parents? Of course, everyone wants to. At that time, they knew at least the Russian language. The children were so hungry for knowledge and eager to learn the language that they themselves went to the library, waited in line, searched, and learned with difficulty. learned in the example. Because of his strong desire, he learned a foreign language by finding extra time from household chores, forced field work, animal husbandry. Our people say: “He who seeks will find opportunity.”

As for the generations of the present century, it was only and only if there was a telephone and the Internet for them. Let the library stand alone, there is not a single book in the house. E-books are out, audio recordings are also available. But they don’t read them either. If you ask why, they find time for games and platforms like PUBG and instagram, YOU TOBE, which poison the children’s brains, and immediately go and play these games until they say they are free. As time progresses, people are also becoming modern. Even a 6-month-old baby wants a phone. Before babies played with toys, today’s baby plays with the phone. If we do not teach them to love books and learn languages ​​from a young age, it will be difficult for you, us and the people in the future. Think about it, if in the last century a parent came home from work and cuddled his child, now he is glued to the phone. Seeing this, what dream does the child go to, who does he follow as an example. Who wants to be like. It depends on who it is. Instead, read “JALALIDDIN MANGU BERDI”, “AMIR TEMUR”, “ZAHIRIDDIN MUHAMMAD BABUR”, memorize his poems – Navoi-u Bedil. There is a proverb in our people: “A bird does what it sees in its nest, an apple falls under an apple.”

We still have many opportunities ahead of us. Let’s teach you how to use the phone correctly. There are many platforms that have games in different foreign languages. It is possible to learn a foreign language through various cartoons. Bring foreign language books to your home and study them, your child will definitely be interested in learning them. Play family who knows more words games. If you first write easy and interesting words with their translation on brightly colored sticker paper and stick them on your walls and furniture, your child will be more interested. Make an argument with him, give him to memorize a certain vocabulary in a week or 5 days, and tell him that in return, you will get what your child wants. Encourage them to learn the language in similar ways. Of course, there will be a result. Our people say: “He who knows the language, knows the people.” Start worrying about your child’s future earlier.


Nozima Gofurova was born in Andizhan on June 6, 2004. He is a reporter contributing to the international UNICEF U-REPORT project.

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