Shahid Abbas is a multi-awarded International Author and Poet from Karapla, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He is the author of “Words from Nature” and the co-author of “We Speak In Syllables”. Shahid is working on a poetry collaboration book “Verses of Meraki” to be published in the USA.
His works were also featured in various international anthologies and diverse literary platforms both in print and online. Shahid’s works were already translated into 10 different languages.
Shahid also is the newly-appointed Director of Culture in Pakistan of the State of Birland and is to handle the promotion of literary and arts activities. He is also the newly-appointed Coordinator for The Dream of Equality Pakistan. Camara Inte. He is also Vice -President of ( P. L . O. T. S ) CREATURES MAGAZINE USA.He was appointed an Ambassador for UMEA ( Portugal) as well.


Beloved Rain

Today, you are pouring on my heart
I remain alone, but then you arrived and behaved like a soul part
I’m in love with you since the day
When you washed my sorrows and I had no words to say.
You are the beauty of the all beauties which rebirth the wonders
I never move to any trees under
Come what may, we love each other,
Thus no need to look for another
I can’t hide my emotions as my eyes get wet,
When your drops pour on me as I sit
You are my beloved,
I remember the day when someone shoved
And I found myself among the heavenly drops
Wow, the love at first sight after the meeting I never stop
You and I are loyal friends
We adore each other and never offends
You are my everlasting crave
In your accompany, I wish to make a long drive
You are the cause of happiness for all creatures,
You inhale the beauty of all nature
Since the night I waited for you as I
gaze at the sky,
I talked about you to a pretty tiny sparrow, she smile and reply
Oh, Divine lover
I don’t fly high
But I have been told a secret by one who never lies
Your beloved is coming through the heavenly door
So there is no need to wait for more.

carry within you
a great gregarious soul

esteemed chronicler
of life lived in ever shortening shadows
exposing the banal truth of lies

the unsubtle act of rebellion
in the midst of atrocities poetry stands against an uprising
on divine rights of man.

tossed about hither and yon
remaining silent in war torn zones of
obliterated lands
litered with hearts of stone and ash

fearless writers of truth
gor human rights
for innocent children
for justice
for all creatures great and small

Passion runs high
words pour like rain
you righteous poets
refuse to abandon the goal
to hail the rallying cry of freedom no matter the cost

Sent by God to an incalcitrant world
your truth sustains
you are colour in colourless lives

Poets speak during the great silence

Shahid Abbas

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