Translation by Jaehyung Park


Copernican star

I want to know star.
I earned bread by giving stars to the nobles.
To buy a better telescope,
To steal a glimpse of another star.
Sometimes I compromised with heaven.

as much as the time has been
My beloved stars are getting bigger and bigger.
If you look up into the endless night sky,
as dizzy as the scent of a spiny flower.
The stars poured down into my heart.
The last time I saw that star,
This time, it’s this star.
round and round
Comet Revisiting after 4,200 years
Love with him

a wrong meeting
Even if they’re all coming back late,
You come a long way with a limp
I’ll give you a hot hand.

all alone in the dust
The Zombie Star Falling into the Abyss
I don’t think anyone’s gonna remember.
on one’s last companion
I’ll give you a little coat.

It’s pouring down.
With the meteor shower dreaming of a beautiful end,
a warm chest-to-heart meeting

looking up into the sky higher and higher
eye-to-eye stars
To another place of residence.
I’m going to score stars again today.

*Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543): Polish astronomer. He rejected the geocentric theory and advocated the heliocentric theory.


Oh! The Daytime Moon


Due to following the sun,

The earth’s shoulders become tilted

Due to following the earth,

The moon’s face becomes pale

They have stood each other at a distance

They are the one, the invisible one


The leap month

That covers the seething space between the lines

The moon vomits her heats every three years

The time the gods of heaven and earth become generous

The leap month

Is the month of the rotten moon

The time that can avoid even the God’s punishment

Winding sheets are made for lost souls


White eyebrows of the daytime moon

Which got out of the sky river are shining

I wanted to get closer, closer to the moon

The daytime moon puts her hands on my forehead


I sometimes dream of missing a plane

When I look at the clock,

It is a time for a plane to take off already

From then on, I run to the airport desperately

Sometimes people who are dying accompany me

Sometimes People who are in a state of

Suspended animation accompany me



You who will always be floated in somewhere of the sky

All day, all night

When a moon awakened from a nap

Lights up the dark sky,

Fireflies make the river of time brightly and

The spirits that went up into the sky move in a hurry


The river that has been lived so long

Repeats breeding to a deep soul

The river that is evaporated at last

Longs for the growth again


Another daytime moon is crossing the sky river


Hometown Well


By accumulating blood, women’s bodies suffer

Earth makes underground water circulated through its whole body

And wombs are always burning

By the fever of blood opening its own ways to be gathered

Once a month, for replacing water,

Women gather around the well


And in the middle of rice field of my hometown

Which is afraid to be focused by many eyes

There is the well of my childhood

That has a wide open hole towards the sky

Women are pumping up water

To let their heated body cool


Sin everybody has kept in the secret at least one

The hotness that blazed up in mind helplessly

Cold water that soaks to the bone even in the middle of summer

Hometown well where we pumped up water with a gourd


Around the well

The existences who commit crimes at the previous life

Crawly gather together

And all of them are hanging or are standing on their hands

As a shape of small stringy snakes, a huge serpents or vipers

The well side where they cooled off their body at the former life

They show up there following their blissful crimes,

Even unavoidable due to their moistened bodies


A husband who was affected by leprosy and went away to the island

A baby whose father was her husband’s brother

A woman who threw her baby into the well

A young widow with

A father of her husband who had lived alone since he was young

A moistened woman, women


The well side in my memory

Is overflowing with thousands rumors even in my dreams

Earthenware coffin


Well-trimmed girls

Like salted cabbages

Are pressed down one by one

In the earthenware coffin

Salted cells sometimes

Make a cracking sound

When they are being stacked up

In the earthenware coffin


A plump and fresh girl

In the earthenware coffin

Is doing her virgin birth

With her eyes closed now


A sour beginning of sleep

That is covering over her scratches

Girl, if you are in front of

The new door of the womb

You should wait for the door to close quickly

Please don’t let it come in!


The girl is taken out of the coffin carefully

With plenty of water taken

With a fistful of light sprinkled

She is laid down along with an extinction

The girl being ripen sourly

Wind will permeate her bones

She will be fermented fishy

And sweetly


In the middle of the night 

The girl in the coffin

Makes a crunching noise

Extending her joints

Makes a creaking sound

Stretching her skins


*<The door of the womb> comes from the part 2 ‘The process of the reincarnation’ in the second volume of the book [The Tibetan Book of the Dead]




Is the devil a man who deceive someone

With a little bit of truth that a big lie combined


A word that is born a moment ago is lighter than a dandelion

A word that is buried waits her own resurrection on the wind path

A word that is missing threw herself a long ago


The spring has come like investigating something, but it is not the real one.

A noon that sun is blazing like midsummer

Full bloom of roses take season’s false pulse

As they conceive a smell of death

In the heart of the planet,

Swirling frenzied blood that is gang-raped, comes across straits

The womb of the planet

We don’t need any sonogram

A chunk labeled as an embryo

And a boundary of water

From fish, amphibian, reptile to mammal

That evolutionary seal

That false package of gene

Today, a gunfire bursts somewhere on the planet again

I can hear the heartbeat of the planet

An Embryo born today remembers the Sound.

Sungrye Han (韓成禮, 한성례) South Korea

Born in 1955 Rep of Korea. Poet, Translator (Japanese-Korean). Adjunct professor.

She majored in Japanese language and Japanese literature at Sejong University and earned her master’s degree in Japanese studies at Sejong University’s Graduate School of Policy Science.

Her works have earned her the Newcomer Award of <Poem and Consciousness>, Korea’s the Heonanseolheon Literature Award and Japan’s Sitosozo Award, Korea’s Poetry Slam Translation Literature Award.

Book of Poetry 『The Beauty in a Laboratory』, 『Smiling flowers』in Korean, 『The Sky in the Yellowish Red Korean Skirt』, 『Drama of the Light』in Japanese. Historical essay 『The Formation of the Ancient Nation in Japan and Japanese oldest anthology Manyo-shu』 and so on.

Her poems express Korean tradition, life and death, sadness, pain and anguish in surrealism, modernism and avant-garde forms

She translated many Japanese literary works into Korean and many Korean literary works into Japanese. This work includes more than 200 volumes, for example, poems, novels, essays, poem anthologies, books for children, humanity books, self enlightenment books and scientific books. In particular, she translated many poems and Book of Poetry between Korea and Japan.In particular, she translated many poems and Book of Poetry between Korea and Japan.

Korean textbooks used in Korean middle Schools and high schools contain 20 kinds translations of her for educational purposes.

She has translated and introduced Korean and Japanese poems in literary magazines between the two countries since 1990.

She is now an adjunct Professor at Sejong Cyber University in Seoul, South Korea.


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