Gonzalo Perez R.

He is the precious angel that God made,
perfumed flower full of poetry,
the man kneels down;
To pay homage and homage.

It is the splendid and beautiful harmony,
His body is a mystery poem
his look is the brightness of the stars;
His steps are notes from the psalter.

The woman is the goddess of the world,
she rhymes the heavenly and the earthly,
her love penetrates deep;
The feeling of it is eternal.

If jet or golden hair,
entertains her with the diadem of elegance,
her smile is the serenade of dawn;
With the sway of her palm tree, she spreads her fragrance.

The woman is the melodious verse
that fills man with love,
she is the cutest and most precious
that she lives in the garden of the orb

Gonzalo Perez R.
Pseudonym: Zalo Pera
Mixco, Guatemala

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