What’s a woman?

Stefica Karasevac

Girl, girl, this is the day
it’s called Celebrating,
there are few that I can say
that she was really attached.
As a woman, many
the eternal struggle,
happy with the water
a new era of fashion.
Wife, mother, pillar and fighter
all this together every day,
housewife by tradition lives guinea pig,
successful at work, divorced, single.
A young woman with a strong heart
satisfied no one, and no one enough,
tradition, with respect, lasts
it’s called a social disgrace.
Keep your head down, keep your head down, keep your head down
marriage is a sacred thing, and you are a servant, a slave
over you is the master, always right,
the woman with the title, easy morals say snob.
Hold the woman as you know, suffer and fight,
today is your day, it’s your turn to celebrate,
if you’re married, you want someone to love you.
like a drop in the middle of the desert to soothe you.
What is a woman, you ask? About this history uci,
it’s been a long time since my heart, my mind, my fear,
a new age, an old law-sitting at home –
be a shadow and stay, your power is male.
It’s all about love, it’s strange
a dream of happiness at home with which the soul celebrates,
every woman wants to be given that first.
It’s your day, woman, put your finger on your forehead.
Stefica Karasevac, Croatia / Melbourne, 8/3/2023

Equal love
– Here we are, here we are! – he shouted to the Clippers
We come from the native
from the same mother of seed we are born
all kinds of colors, yeah, that happens a lot.-
Joy in the eyes and hands clapping
from the joy of being there:
– Look, miracles, you’re really different!-
a child’s hand and a hand in the hand.
– Of course, in colors, and yet we are equal
white, yellow, red, and SEE ALSO Black
we’re a delicious snack for you every single one
when your mother turns us in an oil Bowl! –
As far as I can see, there’s someone out there
popcorn’s White! milo Vesna:
That’s how I eat them, you little bastard!
– says Sweet reality completely unconscious.
It’s true, that’s how our mother gave birth to us.
with the same love because he loves us so much.,
you’ll see us jumping Snow White the same
your hands will be all over the place! –
– Um, same love and different brothers by color?
let’s see – I love you so much
black, white, and white, everyone loves you.
It’s cold, but you can’t find anything other than white.
Good for you and for me, I know the truth.
your mother loves you because you’re in my heart
with the same love, in honor of you I will make a bowl
every single one of them makes me feel happier and happier now.

Stefica Karasevac, Croatia / Melbourne.

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