March 8:International Women’s day

Irene Doura-Kavadia

Every day should be a celebration, not just one day of the year, which highlights that inequalities still exist…
However, there are inspiring women among us, whose attitudes and actions can make a difference…
My poem “The Mermaid” is dedicated to all the women of the world, who struggle to find themselves in the midst of a poorly entrenched environment and find their way by stepping on their own feet and stepping into the light.
Especially to the new generation, the Daughters of the Earth!
My particular pleasure is the enchanting musical score of the lyrics by the talented musician and composer Vassilis Fagogenis, whom I thank warmly for the wonderful result!
International Women’s Day
On the occasion of this day I dedicate my poem “the Mermaid” to all those women across the globe struggling to find themselves in a hostile environment and to stand on their own two feet reaching out to the light…
Especially to the young generation, to the daughters of the Earth!
The Mermaid
A beautiful mermaid is sunbathing
there, on the deserted shore, upon a rock
She is looking forward to the dawn
to go hide in the depths of the blue sea
With her long blond hair blowing loose
in the north wind
She takes care not to be deceived
and her voice be taken away from her
by the five winds that define
the lives of the silver stars,
at the far end of the universe;
defining the fate of the fairies,
of the nymphs, of the sirens of unsurpassed beauty
The life at sea, travelling far and wide,
the mermaid does not want to abandon;
she wants to keep creating stories,
daydreaming, playing in the waves.
Mortal legs she does not need
in exchange for a bit of love
From someone who does not care
and the kisses of the soul ignores.
The prince had better not be washed away,
shipwrecked, on the sea shore
Better not a half-dead castaway
need be saved upon the golden sand.
For the nets of mortal love,
Fate had better not make her
in the nails of black witches
the bitter price pay
For a kiss on the ramparts of the castles…
Better in the sun washing her hair
rather than to belong in the light of the stars
Better alone, yet, in her loneliness, able to talk!

© Irene Doura-Kavadia

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