On the wings of dreams
It is not difficult to dream without a dream,
There is a consequence, everyone
Good, bad, bad,
Everyone has their own dream
In order for a person not to be full of living, his heart is given a world of dreams. There is a human nature that wants to fulfill the dreams that he was born with every minute. However, a person does not reach his dreams, and even if he does not achieve them, he will not be able to finish them. Only the dream is enough to live in this life. So, if you are asked, “What is your biggest dream?”, you should remain silent for a while. I wonder if dreams can be big or small? Dreams and intentions change with age. Dreams are not dreams or desires. He is the pillar that has caused humanity to reach the present day. What do you think human dreams are not good for?!
I have often heard that “Everything depends on the intention”. As a person grows up, his desire to “become an adult” is replaced by the desire to “return to childhood”.
A person with big dreams needs as much effort as his dreams.
As for my dream: Be patient with people!
If Patience is the leading element in a person, then there is one step left to achieve the dream and achieve success!
Long haired, dreams,
The flight is different from the falcon
Fire like fire
Ohudek Sanchik
The wave hit and floated like a wave

Nilufar Rukhillayeva is a first-year student of foreign language and literature at the Faculty of Foreign Philology of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.
His journalistic articles, poems and stories were published in America, Great Britain, Turkey, India, Russia, and Moldova.

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