Behind every success is hard work,…
It is not for nothing that our wise people say, “If you work, you will be happy.”
Even this tiny ant works tirelessly, sweats and honestly from summer cancer until late autumn. He carries two grains on his shoulder…
After all, you have to live, no one will help you.
The ant is so honest, please help him by putting some grain or food near him, will he take it?
No, he is not an ant man, he does not take someone else’s things. Even if he is in trouble, he earns his living by working hard.
He can’t prepare. Why do you say that? After all, he is in the ant…
Are there people who are happy to be called human?
He blackened his face and pretended to be poor.
These are the kind of people who put ripe apples in their mouths.
Yes, you really don’t believe that?
After all, we have ready caregivers. How can four healthy people who paint their faces and hearts black to make themselves poor, not be poor.
You and I have feelings of mercy and charity. – Give alms for the sake of God. We spare 1000 soms and 2000. We give alms to the beggars who are begging for the sake of their people. Today there is such an evil in the society that the number of beggars has increased. Whether you go to the market, study or work, you will meet those beggars again. He comes and prays. Do you give out of your heart out of pity or charity?
Do you really see the beauty behind the mask, the deceit behind the innocence? Do you understand the joy behind compassion?
Of course, mercy is a noble, great human feeling. But now, aren’t we opening the door to the pleasure of giving mercy and charity to poor beggars? The money is yours, you can give it to whom.
You might say that what you are giving is a donation…
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Donations should be given to idlers and spendthrifts, whom even the healthy God hates. Also, shouldn’t donations be given only to those who can’t do anything and need help?
There are people who, even though their physical movement is limited, you are ashamed to call them limited. One is a seamstress, another is a sculptor, weaver, etc. Even though they are like this, they are trying, they are striving, they are not burdening anyone. More or less, our society. contributing to development.
You and the greedy beggar can’t do anything but gnaw at us, saying, “Even a mountain can’t bear the dead.”
Gradually, the number of such beggars will increase.
Be kind, be generous with a hand. Merciful hand
He will be kind and considerate to a generous person. But don’t be generous and kind only to beggars. Do not give way to joy because of your compassion. I thought it was permissible to say this poem by the People’s Poet of Uzbekistan Mahmud Toir instead of the conclusion.

He carries his own sustenance,
He lives proudly in lumber and.
I wish a person was like that,
I have a passion for ants.

Yes, it is better to live honestly like an ant than to live by stealing like a crow.

poet Uzbekistan

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