Merry New Year

Michael Hislop

Years of Time
Comes and goes
Rolling and falling
Pins of Time

Last day of
Another Year
And I am
Moody and Grateful
I still breathe
The Sun and Air

Despite better Judgment
Have I used It wisely
On Life Co.’s Balance Sheet

Older I get
Another Year
Childish innocence
The thought
It gets easy

Each Year
With wisdom
Comes more burden
Weight of way more worry

Yet still I have
Father Time
Brother Death

Hard Years
For all Us
Not eased
By age nor wisdom

Yet I am celebrating
Happy in serenity
Somehow despite My Sins
My Account
Shows dividends

Not in black digits
Over red ones
But in Trees planted
Another generation’s roots

No longer young
Somehow I now am
The older one
However far from solemn and wise

And I am smiling
For when I look around
I count on more than my two hands
Friends and Lovers
Kindred Souls

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