Oceans of Time

Michael Hislop

Mixing bowl
Meeting Place
Medium Nexus
Place where
Sun and Moon
Join and Meet
Mingling Powers
Varying tides
Pulling the seas
Tugging the Heart-strings
Of you and Me
Kissing Sun
Caressing Moon
Soaring winds
Blowing sands
Cresting waters
Swimming soaking
Grounding us
Washing clean
Ritual reminding
Primal memory
Dynamic energy
Universal Love
Natural embrace
Nature’s Feast
Physics and physical
Pull and push
Stirring the waves
Uplifting the birds
Ancient and wild
Just like You and Me
Changed and changing
Discourses of Liberty
Guided and shoved
Chained and Free
This our Home
Here we are Free
Vibrant airs
Saltbrush smells
Cawing gulls
Children playing
Sailing ships
Horns ablare
Chattering people
Lapping waves
Light plays
Modern noise
Beach calls
Human voices
Life at play
Seaside stage
Dramas silent
Sagas loud
Composed by
Oceans in Time

Image: Australian Academy of Science

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