War Dead Freedom fighters 
Md. Jasim Uddin Bhuiyan

Independence war of 1971
Many of you have not seen it
You have read the history and heard the story
I have not seen the freedom fighters killed in battle.

Bloody warrior wounded by gunshots
I did not see him die of starvation
Lack of treatment and medicine
He did not hear the cries of the wounded warrior.

Tyrant Pak Army
I did not see the abuse of women and children
How many were killed there
How many villages have been burned in the fire.

Three million Bengalis are patriotic
He gave his life in the war of liberation
Dasmas fought bravely with honesty
Victory brought the flag.

Bengali gave birth to a new state
The victory was declared on the sixteenth of December
Bangladesh is the exchange of Bengali blood
He took the flag of red and green.

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