By Prince Dato Rdo Sri Emmanuel M. Cabusao (from Republic of the Philippines)

The woman of my life, the eternal source of my inspiration and strength in all my undertakings: from the time I was a child to the time I became a leader of men and of institutions, my everlasting gratitude, greatest admiration, profound reverence and deepest respect. You made me who I was and what I am today. On this Special Day, words are inadequate to describe how great and unique you were as I recall all your life-long sacrifices and painstaking effort to build our family and to raise me in this world.
You showed me the intricacies of the art of living, from the simplest to the complex, from the realities and inanities of life. You built my character and inculcated values I will forever treasure that I can bequeath to my children and which I could live by throughout my life-long journey. You taught me how to believe in myself, to dream and chase my goals, to plan and be organized, to hope amidst adversities, to persevere and excel in all undertakings no matter how great the odds, to aspire to lead, to serve and be a model that others could emulate.
You showed me the value of hard work and self-sacrifice and exemplary behavior worthy of respect and admiration. You were my most ardent fan, encouraging me each step of the ladder, proudly showing whatever I accomplished to family friends & relatives. You lift me up whenever I was down, wiped away my tears and comforted me with the gentle touch and embrace only a mother could do to her son.
You created me, you made me. Almost everything that I am is because of You!!! You are my guardian angel, the wind beneath my wings! That was the way it was and will forever be, though we have been separated by time and space! How could God be so great to create a person like you my dear Mother—a person who endured all pain and hardships just to raise a person like me—that even if I were to give my own life to repay you for all of what you’ve done, it will never be enough!!!!
Indeed, how can I repay you, now that you’re gone? How can I make you happy and be proud of what your son has become? Dear Mother, God knows how much I Love You Through All Eternity!!!

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