Poems Of Lisa Muir

And these fierce frost
And ice mirrors,
And bread with excess of fireworks
Their memory was sad.
I noticed their habit
Cherish and eat food
And don’t waste a match,
It’s like in that little mess.
When people, at least stand, at least fall,
Betrayed Ghost power,
In the test tested
One care is not to fall.
And if you can’t get away at all,
Still the same choice will continue –
Whether someone’s life is taken away to survive,
Or by saving, to die.

Everyone gets in a violin
The shadows flying through the purple,
Drying and spray
And the wolf shadows on the snow.
Wandering on children’s affairs,
All again distrofikov arrival
And the hidden dream
Lights and mirror places.
– find, get your children!
And – the weight of needs and loving chairs.
But everything is nothing before the block,
Where the husband stayed until the end.
And so many of all those missing in the net,
Learning to live and understand!
What grew up from the orphans of these,
What did your mother go out?
Cod Radio, raw summer,
Rain Mushroom Magic…
I knew her little… because it –
All before my birth.

I will give my duty and praise the grass.
Here – Lebeda, she is in leningrad
Been in the yard, she’s in the block
I saved my parents and I live.
Something bitter was roasted her.
In Spring I was going to the krakow boiler.
Let her for being so free,
The Prickly will say goodbye!
I didn’t know hunger himself. After war
I was a child on the edge of the state,
As in the forest of the forest, I went into thick herbs,
In their wind, in their day dreams.
I remembered this speech easily.
And probably called to sing I
White Flowers, white flowers,
Water and milk milk.
– don’t sleep, soul, don’t put up!
Let the book dust a lot you breathe,
With you the power of your native saxophone
And A Pink Glow Kirov.

Literary painting was.
Well, what’s up? “arrest of a propaganda”!
Tenth Eagle Eagle
They are knitting, and it’s not clean in the house.
People are afraid, whatever you see.
Two old men in the clouds are getting their eyes.
And He’s with his ears, rage and ginger,
It’s worth the middle of these low and stupid.
Why come to confuse this fool?
But broke together with literature
And Painting, cheap to the same,
And the landscape is still in the sky.

Will remind the forest of the rusokudrom le,
And maybe about the flying witch,
And the sound of the label, the complaint is roasted
There will be silence in the evening.
Snow will fall by a negative gift,
Or the suburbs black spring
About mumbling and hot
He will tell, speaking and burn.
And the northern winter capital –
With the game of the evening, with cokotom hooves
Anapestu will allow you to return
And the prose and the cold will return.

Šahmatovo chess
And busy selling souvenirs
The descendants of those that were destroyed and burned.
Now live, the debris of life breakthrough
From the lonely sumy land.
They cut up the ice tree and the autumn.
Again the church behind the pond,
And in the distance of enchanted and blue
The Memorial House has already arrived.
LED by a photo shoot old,
Looking at this yellow view,
Where at the krylečka in front of the scooter
The family is sitting.
There’s an alien boy there.
That he is alien to all, home nevdogad,
And they will not understand how scary he is and suffer,
Because they look at the photographer.

There was a simple order and check:
From The Radio, by itself,
From all the works and works
In the movies were running all over the movies.
In the evenings – what a miracle!
It’s not like tundra and taiga –
Here are these Debbie Hollywood!
And life is an ordinary strict.
Maybe tomorrow in the brush of warm
You’ll see the new edge,
And here are some animals,
The soul is yours.
And in the jungle long liana
Threw a straight line
And the thaw was carried by Tarzan
Over someone’s childhood and winter.

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