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The cold wind comes leisurely

After the fall ends, winter set ready

Nature always rotates seasons, now

It brings the holy winter bestowed


Despite birth, old age, sickness, and death

Our kind mom enjoys her longevity as God set

Her offspring can’t help but mourn, all of them

Our mother returns to the permanent realm


We never forget our mother’s difficulty

The father also struggled hard in misery

If comparing our parent’s merit would be

Higher than a mountain, larger than a sea


My mother’s life has a lot of things worsen

She is skinny because she nurtured children

Our father’s hair is as white as snowflakes

The blood relation, children have the same fate


Her departure evokes our responsibility

Our lives warmed by the origin of the family

We’ll try to overcome stormy obstruct and misery

We’ll surpass all the challenge, we don’t fear truly


Three generations now lack our mother

With incense smoke, we can think of her

We wish our virtuous mom would bless

Happiness fills up our family more or less.




Cold winds come to wake up me

The winter weather is cold truly

The drizzle and Northern wind are sad

To fall down makes us lack the grace


Thin clothes children find to earn a living

Wandering around the street as waiting

To meet God for His blessing as desired

Their soul is warmed forever and ever


In the cathedral hall, they attend Mass

Gladly to go with their mother at last

The ceremony song echoes their prayer

To light faith of many children as ever


Their eyes are innocent, oh truly holy!

As looking at stars in the morning early

Throughout the dark night in darkness

Eager, they wait for Christmas indeed


Many children excited to light their dream

Quiet desires in the family are light beam

For a warm day, they receive gifts and cakes

Gifts are given by Santa Claus in Christmas


Time passed over and then suddenly

We suffer something unintentionally

Some silver dews scatter on our hair

Our peaceful life is still bright as ever


We still enjoy birthday of the Providence

Suffering and happiness in this existence

Our faith and love will be together sharing

Let’s welcome the source of His blessings


Creating a new life is always aspirational

Through the stormy human life emotional

Good heart, bright mind clear out the Truth

At once devote ourselves to a life of virtue


A woman’s sales sounds are diligent

A hawker silently lives for existence

Her shoulders burden for livelihood

Quietly surpasses difficulty mood


There is poverty and unease mind

Sowing the loss, not a peaceful life

The youth mourn the life and death law

In the world, it can’t help but be a law


Not meaningful for material reputation

Though life still gives flavor affections

Like warm weather for the days of cold winter

Like waiting for sunny spring to come as ever


if humans firmly have kept faith and hope

We will be fulfilled with His grace and love

The holy and upright, justice appears

Merciful God’s is in four sky corners

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