Every day is a new day
Precious time
So do i want to be in peace?

I will fulfill this day with kindness and generosity
I will give to me a special care

I know i grew up with trauma and wound
But i must heal

I am going to heal if i remember bad moments
Bad images bad people?

Am i going to heal if i will takk about the bad behaviour of others?

In Asia they are talking about Karma.
The karma is a way to grow up in your inner world , that why you have to follow a way of life with kindness and love, Respect to yourself and others…

That Karma does ,it is learning you to become a little God until the day come and you will touch the enlightenment!

Ask yourself
Do you say something nice to you today?
Have you been able to make a good though?

Have you been creative?

Ask yourself are you kind enough to yourself.
If you are kind enough to yourself, then you can be with others…
And if we are all kind then our energetic field will give the correct information to our environment, to nature and to whole planet..



Maudit soul

I am a maudit soul
Loving the impossible
Waiting the smile of your face

I wish
I could be the daughter of
A king
To send you
Gold and diamond s

I am a hurted soul
I cry the days
I missed your kiss
My body in pain
U never touched

I lost so many chances to hold you
I touch your lips
Just a night
I will keep this
As my most beautiful memory

I am a lonely soul
Looking for a partner
That Will never be affraid


EVA Petropoulou Lianou


Edgar Allen Poe’s PoemDepression in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes

Writings: SELLER

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