Writings by Kama Sywor Kamanda


Woman of tomorrow

Visionary woman, free woman,

You’re the star that fascinates the poet!

Your presence as a light between two nights,

Brighten our horizons and expose our dark souls!

I am your companion;

Find the devoted admirer in me!

With a flower in hand, I am coming to you,

To praise your courage, your ideals and all your desires!

Thus, I seep into the most secret of your imagination,

To create a fair world for you tomorrow.

(Kama Kamanda, Femme d’avenir, oeuvre poétique, page 27)



I look at the morning sky,

And I inhale the scent of nature


Tenderness like an ecstasy

That a woman expresses in desire;

When eyes closed,

She bonds to her lover in an absolute dream,

In a pleasure that overflows the senses

In an embrace that makes the world forget,

Despair, fear and suffering.

The horizon is a fountain

Colorful and elusive.

The Sun as a hope rouses my blood.

I’d like to climb every hill of life,

And conquer all the mountains

Built with my sufferings and my destiny!

(Kama Kamanda, Sensualité, oeuvre poétique, page 49)


The lonely lover

I am the lonely lover of the dark hours…

The man of the night and exquisite pleasures…

My strong arms have held

Many but never the same…


Women, I love you…

Black, yellow, white;

Redheads, blonds or brunettes.

Your hair has engulfed my loneliness,

But my soul was always bare

Under my black skin…

Only the call from the savanna

And my brunette companion,

The Moon

Revive, oh Women, 

My poor solitary life…

(Kama Kamanda, L’amant solitaire, oeuvre poétique, page 173)



Finally I have found you, 

You, my soul

Waited for an eternity…

Oh my magical creation,

My other.

Oh woman, I have loved you

After long wanting you.

I wandered from loneliness to loneliness

And my whole body is yours,

Because your love has conquered me. 

(Kama Kamanda, Enfin…, oeuvre poétique, page 193)



Happiness has eluded in the meanderings of fate!

Love has deserted the sky of my visions

And my deserted heart gets lost in the clouds.

I was the Sun of your universe,

And you are the source of my rivers.

Today the remnants of our life disappear,

Our dreams fade in the waves

And our hopes break in distant storms.

The old dreams are dying

in the depth our memories.

Immortality is the flame that lights our way.

The geniuses have betrayed our oaths

And the women in our lives go away

As a wild sea departs,

Laughing in its whirls,

With its downpours, wrecks and mirages,

Without thinking about her victims. 


(Kama Kamanda, Abandon, oeuvre poétique, page 962)


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