Cities of love By Elena Ananyeva

Assemble your city
with a mosaic of foreign lands
Of shards falling in a waterfall.
From the heights and depths of Thy images,
illuminate the glittering
Coverings and gazes.

Gather your city
With birches by the brook,
letters from home and nostalgia.
from the domes of cathedrals of golden skies,
shards of ice
with the scrolls of hops.

Assemble your city
from the shimmering of magical notes,
voices, with their breath leading the theme,
labyrinthine cities,
and we live on, carrying on someone else’s
of a ragged dilemma.

Mommy, Mommy, hold on tight
An ocean of pain spreads.
I’m with you! I’m with you! I’m with you!
Mommy, Mommy, hold on tight.
Oh, how loud the alarm is in the night.

Oh, how scary, so many
Children are gone. Yes, how painful,
When a house suddenly collapsed.
When it stood for a hundred years
When there was a family there, it’s gone.

How many books and paintings burned
The world has gone dark, now you can see the bottom.
How many cats, dogs alone,
How scared and hungry they are in the night.

Mommy, Mommy, hold on tight.
I can’t hear the howling in the night.
Can’t see the explosions, can’t hear
The moaning. How did it happen? How terrible
To live in the clot of evil of time.

Who needs such a victory?!
Mommy, Mommy, you’re alone now.
Our daddy’s on the front line.
How terrible it is to lose loved ones
Who didn’t come home.

Victory comes in the spring,
Cherry blossoms, sap flows
Streams flowing. And the streams
With blood…
Victory won’t be born on a tree.

Mommy, Mommy, hold on tight.
Take my pain, save me.
I have to go to school and to the ice rink…
I know victory will come to us.

I do. Freedom is ours.
For Victory is yet to come.

Autumn loves the hot summer

All life on a swing.
swings fly in,
let the white only angel come.
Spread your wings,
breathe fresh air
and he will sing your song.

Let him spread his wings,
we dance together
washes the sun with the stars.
Call, white angel,
come, white angel,
and support my wings!

All life on a swing,
terrestrial and winged,
grow, love petals.
Let the white angel
protects you
and black passes by.

Let the wings support
White angel
with him you can in the fog and blizzard,
inspires new feats.
Take care of the Achilles heel.

Under the velvet blues
swings are flying – and the future
two – a wave.
Let the white angel breathe strength,
love whispers: “My dear!”

The white angel will loosen the slings,
will spin an unexpected vortex.
so you can cod across the ocean,
and better with the love of heights.

Gain strength from the sun and wind,
the idea of ​​a winged path.
And let the swings fly from childhood,
us, adults, giving more strength.

We’re from Odessa
urban romance

And you and I have gone where the miracle is,
As it was seen, as it was believed and guessed…
I won’t part with my hometown,
Wherever I am with you now.

The violet twilight over the sea,
Crimson twilight over the steppe
Silver placers over the breakwater,
Amber lights over our land.

Here the reflections of youth fly,
The monks like birds in the winged sky,
Here they have discovered the battles of their souls,
And are they ever to be repeated?!

Lilac crosses for good luck,
Camomile streets to remember,
Jasmine rain and seaweed rustling,
That’s the only way we can think of:

We flip through new pages –
With collages of history’s visions,
Of Duke Richelieu and de Volan
With a guitar and the mood to match.

Two balls, two destinies in one
From the Langeron to the Fountain-Daddy
We’re counting the streets, we’re counting the stations
And we shake our chestnuts in joy.

– Come soon, you are my earthly,
And you arrive with the clouds.
Carry love, I’m waiting for you.
Tell me, when should I meet?

– Take love and do not forget
Put candles in our temple,
Let the Angel fly together
And it will be forever by our side.

Neither Mona Lisa, nor Madonna
But just an earthly woman,
Her portrait will still be painted …
And you hurry, hurry, I meet!

From cold blue, with apricots,
From childhood to maturity with a fairy tale
Earthly love appeared
In canvases, and in songs, and stories.

This is the only way to wait with love.
Count the hours, count the minutes
Ariadne’s ball of happiness –
In canvases, and in paints, and in sketches.

Love, love, we have been waiting
for you since childhood,
And we knit bows – with scarlet sails,
And revelation in verse, –
for a moment they are racing with crazy horses.

Neither Mona Lisa, nor Madonna
But just an earthly woman,
Her portrait will still be painted …
And you hurry, hurry, I meet you!

Elena Ananyeva,
Germany – Ukrain


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