He was born in 1954 in Fethiye village of Malatya. Since he is the first child of the house, a baby rose is a baby, but life does not go like a baby rose baby.
His father constantly goes to work in other cities, it happens that he does not come for a few months.
When Yusuf Aslan was only 10 years old, he bought a paint crate. Your house; contributes to their essential needs such as oil, salt, sugar, tea, kerosene. In the winter, he goes to the mountains to collect dung with his mother to burn in the stove. When he was 16 years old, he was married to Hatice Hanım, whom he had never met, from another village, with the thought that “it’s time”. Thus, on top of the burden of ‘supporting the house’, the burden of keeping the established nest alive is also put on it.
Yusuf Aslan, who lives separately from his father, has 3 children. They go through very difficult days because of unemployment. They have a shortage of food to feed the children and wood to heat the house. By removing wood from the rubble of an adjoining old demolished house, they try to warm up in the stove. They often survive with the help of food and drink from neighbors. Yusuf Aslan; Finally, he goes to his mother-in-law, who lives in Adana. One or two months later, he finds a job in a weaving workshop of three or five people and is very happy about it. It works very nice and fast because it needs work. For this reason, he is nicknamed “Fast Yusuf”. After working for 2-3 months, a 2-room house, not used by his in-law’s acquaintances, is given to him, rent-free, to live in. On this occasion, Yusuf Aslan moves his house from Malatya to Adana. Since his wife and 3 children do not have money to buy bus tickets; They come to Adana in a truck box with their belongings. The truck driver doesn’t even get transport money from them.
The roof of the house, which is neglected, is flowing. The author never forgets the day when, on a rainy winter day, he and his wife and three children climbed onto the bed and pulled nylon on them.
Working in Adana is not enough to support the house; in such cases, the landlord who gives the house rent-free comes into play. They take oil, sugar, tea, sometimes even tubes.
In this workplace, he continues to work as a ‘squareman’, that is, as a ‘porter’, until he recovers.
Yusuf Aslan, who is devoted to culture and art and graduated from primary school, reads a lot of books, tries to write poems, anecdotes, articles and novels. Finally, his 4th novel has been published so far. He writes 3 more novels, but cannot have them published due to impossibility. He has over 3,000 poems.
There have been interesting developments lately.
Gülzira Hanım, an Uzbek poet, deputy and lawyer who translated Yusuf Aslan’s poems into Uzbek, asked Yusuf Aslan to translate a book into Turkish. Russian writer Svetlana Savitskaya wrote a novel called “The Balkans”. This novel has been translated and published in Arabic and Bulgarian besides Russian. Turkish is preferred as the 4th language.
For the translation of Ms. Svetlana’s book into Turkish, the poet finds Hasan Bey in Tajikistan – Hasan finds Ms. Gulzira in Uzbekistan – Ms. Gulzira finds Yusuf Aslan and translates it into Turkish with the contributions of Ms. Gulzira.
With the encouragement of Ms. Gulzira, Yusuf Aslan tries to translate it online. The interesting thing is that Yusuf Aslan, who does not know the language, translates the book into Turkish via the computer. First, it is very difficult, the translation is not correct, the words are not in place. It feels like a labyrinth.
Since he reads a lot of books and writes constantly, he knows where and how the words will be placed, and successfully translates the book by catching the richness of meaning and fluent style.
The translation was found very successful and published. This book was selected as the best book of the year both in Russia and Central Asia in the same year.

He is invited to Russia as the guest of honor to receive the Yusuf Aslan award on October 29, 2020. Retired Yusuf Aslan accepts this invitation both by pushing his own means and by the contributions of his wife and friend.
On October 30, 2020, Russia – Moscow National and International Award Commission presented him with the ‘Golden Pen’ award for the author’s book ‘Blackbird’, as well as the ‘Sheakspeare’ diploma for his contributions to literature and art. It gives a separate award for the translation of the Balkans book.
President of the International Public Foundation “A. Temur” in Kyrgyzstan, president of the International Union of Central Asian Writers and Historians “Yangi Ovoz”, is awarded the Central Asian Turan Birimdige award by Joldosbek. In the meantime, Heinrich Dick, the head of the German award commission, whose tales he translated, sends him two diplomas, which he prepared with his own hands, as a thank you. In addition, due to my services to Culture and Art, I am accepted to be among the world (universal) poets and writers upon recommendation.

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