Smriti Romanthan
Haque Anwarul

One day I went to see you in the afternoon
Parliament Secretariat in the beautiful area of ​​Dhaka city,
When I was young, you were like a princess, you looked like a dream fairy, I had no acquaintance with you!
You have never seen me in your life.
The place where I went to see you was a vast area, very charming, the atmosphere was silent, silence, it seemed, in such an atmosphere.
Suits you, suits you only, yours
Because that day, the environment was decorated like a princess’s throne!

O Lord what happened in my heart that day, I
As if I was fascinated by you in a moment!

I thought you were my whole life
I found!

Then the Most Merciful made your and my destiny, we became each other’s life partner, each other’s happiness and sorrow!

Life is like a tree, sometimes it’s a beautiful morning,
Every moment is full of emotion, there is love, there is love, there is the beating of the heart, there is a lot of sweet intercourse on the lips, in the mouth, in the eyes and in every organ,

Again a storm like a stormy wave, quarrels, and suddenly a calm love game!

O Lord, you have given me a mine of love,
There are plenty of diamonds, pearls, emeralds, etc. in that mine!
But to love, all this has no value!

Love can never be bought with money!
Love is an invaluable resource!

Author: Haque Anwarul
Country: Bangladesh

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