Drawings of night
Night begins to spread over the sky,
Its royal black and silk scarf.
Whose hair is long in the moonlight,
Evening breezes sing a song so sad.

Dark night, quiet and silent,
A bunch of stars are over his head.
Shining stars riding white duns,
Which are running with a cloudy mane.

The moon shines in the breast of night,
Starry sky flutters over and over.
There is no such beauty in the day,
The artist is Lord, the only creator.

A calm river–or a silver mirror
The moon watches its reflection.
Dancing in the scene of reflection,
Mermaids over the waves of tension.

Being attracted by its own beauty,
Falling asleep slowly quiet night.
It’s like caressing the night braids,
As if dreaming about pretty day…

Let’s face the world with smile
The chest crushed by the rain.
Being kissed by white morning.
Delightful smell of the soul,
Is being blown and spread by breezes.

The grass is trembling with tension,
Rainbow glitters in the sky.
Oh, life, how beautiful you are,
This is the heart of affection.

You come taking joyful steps,
When you smile, heart gets light.
My dear, these are precious moments
Let’s face the world with a smile.

Brown hair, eyelashes lance-shaped,
Come! Let’s walk gardens,o, my rose.
Let’s sing a song about affection, love,
Living is itself happiness, o, my dear.
Let’s face the world with a smile…

Gulnara Kakhorova Uzbek poetess. He was born on August 25, 1962 in Pop district, Namangan region, in the family of a doctor.
Namangan studied at the Faculty of Mother Language and Literature of the State Pedagogical Institute.
The owner of the “Fame” medal, the commemorative badge of the International Amir Temur Foundation charitable public fund.
His poems were published in district, regional, republican and Turkish newspapers and magazines.
He is the author of the poetry book “Let the world light up from our love”.
Poems: “Holy woman”, “Pop tunes”, “Valley masterpieces”,
” 5 initiatives
5 opportunities “, published in the year 2022 in Turkey
Included in the “Gospel” anthology.

Gulnara Kakhorova
Translated by:

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