Sivadas Swami Matam’s poetry 

Sivadas Swami Matam

Earth is our hometown.

Amidst the cosmic expanse, we’ve found
a jewel of blue, with profound life.
A planet teeming with nature’s grace,
Our haven in the vastness of space

With oceans deep and mountains tall,
Forests are green, and deserts sprawl.
Endless skies stretch above.
Earth is a treasure we must truly love.

From sandy shores to icy poles,
From tropic rainforests to arctic shoals,
A world of wonder, a symphony of sights,
a kaleidoscope of nature’s delights

Through changing seasons, year by year,
Earth’s beauty never fails to steer
Our souls to awe and reverie,
a gift we cherish eternally.

Yet, we must heed the call to protect,
To safeguard our home, lest we forget,
To cherish every living being,
They are part of Earth’s grandest scene.

Let’s strive to be kind; let’s strive to be wise.
To see with open hearts and eyes,
To cherish, nurture, and preserve,
this precious home that we deserve.

Earth is our real hometown.
A beacon of life, a jewel in the crown,
Let’s cherish her with deep love,
She’s our home, forever renowned.

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, in the twilight’s gentle glow,
A tribute to you, my heartfelt echo,
Through the years, your presence has been strong.
A lighthouse guiding where I belong

In your hands, calloused by toil and care,
I found a haven, safe and rare.
Lessons taught in quiet, steadfast love,
A legacy written in the stars above

Your laughter, a melody in the evening air,
A symphony of memories, precious and rare,
From scraped knees to dreams set free,
You’ve been the anchor in my stormy sea.

Dear Dad, in your embrace, so warm,
I weathered life’s tumult, its raging storm,
Your wisdom, a compass in the darkest night,
Guiding me towards the morning light.

Through victories sweet and failures bitter,
You stood by me, my constant sitter,
A mentor, a friend, a pillar so true,
In the story of my life, a chapter with you

In the wrinkles etched by time’s swift flight,
I see the echoes of love burning brightly.
A tapestry woven with threads of grace,
Dear Dad, you are my sacred space.

As time marches on, a steady parade,
I carry your teachings as an eternal cascade.
For in every step, every choice I make,
Your love and guidance are a constant wake.

So here’s to you, my dearest Dad. ,
In this poem, a tribute is clad,
A symphony of gratitude, simple and clear,
For being my anchor, year after year.

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