Fact or Fallacy

By Hillol Ray


Love of Angela was rooted in “Milestone”,

And inspired me to breathe, write, or sing-

But her moods changed lately I have seen,

And phone call waned and does not ring!

Now fancy dress or flight for me brings no joy,

And I feel better to be alone, to moan and sigh-

As the glittering stars became my bosom friends,

And stay in touch via SMS from a brooding sky!


To me, Angela’s blue eyes are clueless now.

Make me fumble, and enchant me no more-

So, I stopped my physical hygiene like a Bedouin,

But always haunt for the keys of my sleep’s door!

Her melodious voice used to wake me up,

As if it emanated from the old piano tunes-

But now the touches of her hands, lips, or hair,

Push me to act as an ostrich in the desert dunes!


I know it well, where Angela’s heart began to dwell,

And how her music wrapped me like the porcupine-

My elephant eyes, drenched in tears and sighs,

Weeped like an armadillo of Amarillo under Texas sunshine!

Outskirts of “Milestone” are now at an awe,

And tell my shaggy hair, soft brownish white:

“Love is a crawling scorpion, stings, or smooches, always,

But never let you realize the ardent fact or fallacy quite!!!!



May 6, 2024, Copyright May 6, 2024, by Hillol Ray

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