Along the Rose and Lilac Bushes

By Hillol Ray

At leisure, I walk along the rose and lilac bushes,

In the velvet awesome gardens around “Milestone”-

Calm, austere, aloof, and commanding Nature whispers,

To my elephant ears and intrigues my delicate bone!

More precisely than a fawn, across the sodded lawn,

Shakes the morning dews on my visionary eye-

And the bewildered and restless quill, at her own will,

Tries to sip Chinese ink from a bottle left behind to sigh!


“Desolation” is a tenant of “Milestone” in Shiva’s Landing,

And always harps or horns that soothes my lunatic heart-

With a joy, like a pennant does around my neck,

And lends a look to share a form of an antic art!

The lawns of “Isolation” amaze India Wharf,

And her bitten lips resemble beads of Japanese coral-

This makes me chuckle to stare closely at her,

As she never makes her anger virtual or oral!


With the onset of sunset, things slow down @ “Milestone”,

And the brooding evening becomes an ardent chapel-

New guards march and come in at the main entrance,

Where the garden is fenced with flowering apple!

Prayer for world-peace resumes and lies unembarrassed,

Asleep, and somnolent near the star-gazing Orchard grove-

And I am haunted along the glowing rose and lilac bushes,

Where I relinquished my quill as my treasure trove!!


February 19, 2024

© Copyright February 19,2024 by Hillol Ray


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