Sajid Hussain Hails from Pakistan, was born on 01 – 02 – 1969 at Morgah Rawalpindi. He is a well-educated and multidisciplinary Poet, Admin and ambassador of many poetry groups . He achieved membership of World Nation Writers’ Union, Kazakhistan and Camara Internacional de Escritores and Artistas (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) based in Spain appointed him as the President for the CIESART Headquarters in Pakistan, recognized. acclaimed, awarded, appreciated and featured, Awarded with Shahitya Pata ,on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of National Poet of Bangladesh kazi Nazural Islam and The Rabindranath Tagore Memorial literary Honours by Motivational Strips with joint association of Department of Culture, Government of Seychelles from India.
He is Master Trainer of “Low Cost and No Cost of Science Material” Homeo Doctor, senior teacher of Chemistry in FDE, and Ex-Principal of Jinnah Public School Morgah Rawalpindi . He has done several courses and received many certificates from UNICEF, CIDA and USAID, FDE programs. He was awarded with certificate of Literary Performance in year of 2021 from Gujarat Sahitya Academy India, awarded with honor of Golden Pen, Excellenza, 59 years of independence Honorary award from Trinidad and Tobago and world cultural Freedom and so forth. He is a promising Poet already participating in innumerable poetry contests world-wide, he won many certificates of excellence, the list of his achievements and titles he has earned is quite long. His poetry is published in world famous print and electronic magazines, journals, newspapers, websites, blogs and anthologies. He is author of Acquits of Life, Parlance, Cloud Nine Fantasia.
Co-author of International anthologies: Flowers of love, Arabian Nights, Poets for Peace, the candles of Hope, Poetry Collection, Poetry for Ukraine, The Silk Road Literature, Ancient Egyptians modern poets Mediterranean waves, Peace and love Makes Society, Rhapsodies , Dandelions : Multiverse of poets, compiler of Pakistani English poets prodigy published in USA and so many.
Published in International magazines and websites: Lit light, Chinese website, Hamayans Editorial, Poets Unlimited, Taifas magazine, Swapanjory Ch. page, Bharath vision, Mahamag, Al Azahar magazine, Litteratear magazine, Atunis Galaxy Poetry ,Verses De Rivulet, The poet, Homo Universalis, Spill words, Poetry Soup, Up word, and so forth.
Co-author of national anthologies; To The Sea Shores, Tears of Despair, Cherishing Memories Volume 1 &ll, The Bliss of Factor, Tales of Heart, Patience of the Torn, Voiceless Words and so on.
His poems also featured in NBM Bangla TV Bangladesh and published in Daily Asia Bani- Bangladesh, Website Journal Bharath Vision in India, P.L.O.T.S magazine USA. He has written more than 850 poems so far, his poem has been got published in more than 100 world anthologies and magazines and also have been translated into different world major languages. His work also has been on different digital web sites and in different newspapers. He loves humanity that is why he has taken human hardships as themes of his poetry, he loves nature and believes in that close association with nature is an indispensable part of life which we are loosening and humanity is going astray, he also have a staunch faith that mutual global understanding is the core element to bring the peoples close and make life on the planet pleasant and worth-living, he thinks that poets only present a better image of the world, it is obligation of the people and organization who possess the political power, to implement.
Through the journey of self-discovery,
In the heart’s refuge the wanderer’s soul,
Explores new frontiers with eyes of the tempest,
To find peace amidst chaos to break chains,
Of the trials of fate of the face of adversity,
The crucible of challenges charts course anew,
The sacred bond of hard times ,
Through the depths of grief discovers,
New horizons of the webs of reclaiming,
Of the beholder of storm’s embraced tranquility,
The space of vulnerability revisits with moments,
To seek thrills of new fog of uncertainty,
Wanderlust roams to pursue passions relentlessly,
In the heart’s fervour to find all belongings.
Through the corridors of account a mystery remains ,
A missing ancient letter shrouds in intrigue,
Obscured by the veil of antiquity which eludes,
The past resonance hinting at secrets untold,
Across the ages fragments of a lost narration beckons,
In the memory the riddle of the vanished script,
 A puzzle for the curious mind to decipher,
Beneath the layers of dust waits to unearth,
In the shadows of time holds its silent plea,
Through the passage of epochs begs for resolution,
Within the depths of ancient ruins lies a silent sentinel,
Hidden beneath the sands of time,
About the hovering loss of a dear one,
Echoes of eternity’s lament in the hush of time,
On the forgotten tomb of solitary,
History embraces the absence of cherished soul,
Its secrets poises to unfurl mysteries,
what lies beyond the silence at cosmic existence!!
In the depths of woods’ silence lingers,
The secrets of the forest stir when wind retrieves,
Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper,
Through scattered rustling leaves.
In the fertile land earth’s bounty wields,
Emergent ray of effluence in harvesting yields,
Shine, shine, shine, shine,
Upon the vestal bosom of silent fields.
In the soul of woods, where wildness thrives,
Beneath the canopy where chaos flees,
Roar, roar, roar, roar,
Amidst the shady towering trees.
Memories dally in rhythm’s rhyme,
Regret of age is a silent shrine,
Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh,
Under the weight of passed time.
Nature’s dance, where beauty settles,
Butterfly wings in floral vessels,
Flutter, flutter, flutter, flutter,
At the beds of blossoming petals.
Wilderness’ song, where harmony allies,
Trickling streams at nature’s galleries,
Flow, flow, flow, flow,
Through the air of winding valleys.
Comfort embraces low spirits to aspire,
The radiant warmth to bestow a cozy attire,
Glow, glow, glow, glow,
Through flickering embers of the fire.
Moonlit confessions in darkness to ignite,
Where passion takes flight,
Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper,
In the hush of the inky night.
Celestial waltzes in cosmic symphony enhance,
Among the starry expense to find trance,
Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle,
In the vastness of the cosmos’ glance.
History murmurs where time recounts,
Remnants of the past cascade in memories’ fountains,
Echo, echo, echo, echo,
Across the mind rugged mountains.
Heart’s tempest in its commotions,
Feelings collide like oceanic oceans,
Swirl, swirl, swirl, swirl,
In the whirlwind of emotions.
In nature’s arms, all worries surpass,
Sun’s light embraces as moments pass,
Glisten, glisten, glisten, glisten,
On the dew-kissed grass.
In ancient scripts under crescent moons,
Legends awaken in forgotten runes,
Chant, chant, chant, chant,
Amidst the ancient ruins.
In the falling leaves memories cleave,
Autumn whispers a tale, it weaves,
Rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle,
Through the sparse leaves.
Illuminating darkness’s dreams arise,
For twinkling lights while painting the skies,
Whirl, whirl, whirl, whirl,
In the dance of the fireflies.
Guided by wonder, an eternal elevation,
Explores realms without limitation,
Glide, glide, glide, glide,
On the wings of imagination.
Symphonies of rustling leaves increase,
Nature’s chorus finds tranquility to release,
Sway, sway, sway, sway,
Under the trees in gentle breeze.
Amidst the garden’s vibrant bowers,
Busy bees gather nectars in golden hours,
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz,
At tender caress of the blooming flowers.
In the green meadows where time stands stills,
Boundless joy as freedom spills,
Leap, leap, leap, leap,
From top of the rolling hills.
Sparkling secrets of the ages intake,
Reflections of life in a serene to wake,
Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer, shimmer,
On the surface of the lake.
Carried by the wind’s gentle swells,
Legend of tradition having saga tells,
Chime, chime, chime, chime,
In the resonance of distant bells.

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