Keys to Doors of My Sleep

By Hillol Ray


From the adolescent years, I have always haunted,

The keys to open and close the doors of my sleep-

But without a success, my eyelids closed obscurely,

And opened in mornings to find comb and hair clip!


Sad days’ requiems I sing alone at hapless times,

But sometime the old crooners merrily chime in-

My ears like radars turn back and forth,

To make all my laments fling the scene!


Horned moon in brooding sky plays a tune,

And my memories crawl to listen to lullaby-

The pillows whisper softly on my shoulders,

And tell the dream will soon land on my eye!


False delight of sleepless night sobs or weeps,

And asks me if I ever will grow up to be old-

Or haunt for keys to open and close the doors of my sleep,

With yawn or sigh, under moonlit sky, would it be retold?



May 1, 2024

© Copyright May 1, 2024, by Hillol Ra


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