Francesca Gallello Gabriel Italo Nel Gòmez (Cirò Marina KR Calabria) is an Italian writer, poet, journalist, editor. She completed her studies in agriculture and subsequently in literature.

Francesca Gallello

She wrote her first novel at the age of 9. She has written many books and poems translated and published in different countries around the world. She has received several awards and recognition worldwide. She is Director of the Veliero publishing house and Director of the international online magazine SATURNO magazine where she gives space to authors from all over the world. She is passionate for writing and reading but she also loves cooking very much and runs a cooking blog “Flavours, the pleasure of cooking”. Her poetic style is defined as Gallellian by the greatest exponents of international culture and used as a guide for studies and research of poetic language.

Like a wounded butterfly, I free myself in the cloud-covered sky
The celestial thought of a delicate, pure, virtuous love
It accompanies me on dark and silent nights.
I pray that my tears dry and my thoughts forget your eyes,
that for me,
they never cried.
Let my heart bleed relentlessly
Don’t dry my tears
Don’t caress my face
To dry my tears
The wind will ruffle my thoughts
And he’ll bring them to you
With unknown words and my lament will be
accompanied by a sad melody that will take me away from you
Like a leaf in the wind.
Like cherry branches
My heart will sprout with thoughts of love
and lullaby sounds.
In my eyes, your smile
Endless Memory
Of a love that was.
Between the rain-swollen clouds
I see your face again.
Stretched out among the foamy waves of the great river that carry away, silent,
The promises you didn’t keep.

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