Creativity that knows no boundaries

Essay by Yuri Moskalenko

Yuri Moskalenko

The International Literary Association “Creative Tribune” (ILACT) entered the life of each of its representatives in different ways, but from the very first days it set up a new mood.


Each of us is a fully accomplished writer who does not lock himself into some narrow genre of creativity. A modern writer can undoubtedly reach a modern reader, provided that he has not only the widest palette of artistic perception, but also the ability to express his thoughts clearly and clearly and, as the classic of world literature Alexander Pushkin wrote: “To burn people’s hearts with a verb.”


Today, it is absolutely not enough for a writer to have 50 shades of gray (white, black, orange, blue) in order for his dialogue with the reader to be confidential, endearing, understandable, sincere. Every self-respecting artist distinguishes up to 900 colors, shades, half shades, and creates his own picture of the world in accordance with this.


And we, the artists of the word, must have in our creative arsenal of influencing those who come into contact with our works, no less ways of “influencing”. Only then will we be able to attract people to our readership, regardless of age, gender, belonging to a particular social group outside states and borders.


For this, one creative palette is not enough. There is no way to do without bright and saturated energy, the ability to captivate, and the expansion of our perception of the world.


And in this regard, the President of the International Literary Association “Creative Tribune” (ILACT), the Head of the German Branch of the SPSA, Academician Natalie Bisso is the answer to all the challenges of modern literature. Her energy, ebullient activity, tirelessness in the search for new forms and genres, the ability, like a matrix, to “stitch” literature of all countries and continents, the highest erudition and efficiency factor are the catalyst for all our future achievements.


It is hard to imagine that a writer and poet who is used to working within a certain framework of national creativity suddenly throws himself into the abyss of the World Gogoshi, the Japanese pentameter. Or he tries to make himself known in several anthologies of world poetry. This requires at least courage and firm self-confidence. And a special “spark”, which, undoubtedly, once appeared, does not smolder and does not smoke in the future, and it illuminates, illuminates the way to world literature. Where it is impossible to appear from nowhere and come to nowhere.


The path to art is never easy. It is a constant and sometimes painful climb up every step, sometimes sliding down during creative crises, but when you have light at the top, when you understand where to move, filling your perception with the energy of expanding boundaries, everything else is just a matter of time and skill.


Yuri Moskalenko, a member of the MLATT Presidium, a jury member who evaluates prose and journalism, trying to connect the past and the present in his personal work, having seen the sprouts of the future, lives on the very border of eastern and western Europe, in Russian Kaliningrad. And this is a geographical point of understanding not only two cultures, understanding the future of our common continent, the fate of the entire planet.


This future is in the hands of those for whom the most precious concept is peace, the ability to give a good education to their children and grandchildren, to protect the planet from environmental disaster and self–destruction.


When a person comes into the world, the first thing he learns is to enjoy life, smile, be the bond that gives strength to the planet. And our most important goal is to help a little person to live without troubles, problems, to be well–fed and provided for.


Fyodor Dostoevsky once said, “Beauty will save the world.”


And our every word is a brick that strengthens the building of a perfect planet…

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