Dr. Shailesh Gupta Veer is a poet, critic, reviewer, editor and multi-prize winner. His literary works are characterized by a high degree of creativity and authenticity. He has edited about two dozen literary books and several magazines. His literary works have been translated into several languages. He was declared a Literary Icon in December 2018 by the TV program You and Literature Today from Nigeria. He is the editor of Micropoetry Cosmos and The Fatehpur Resolution.
When I was reading a deep love for myself in her eyes,
She had completely dissolved in my breath.
When I was admiring her pink cheeks,
She had written her name in my heart.
When I gave her a red rose,
She gestured me to put that rose in her hair-
and as soon as I put that red rose in her hair,
So shy she was and lowerd her head
Both we were immersed in immense love.
The sky wanted to take earth in his arms,
and the earth wanted to be lost in the arms of the sky!
Centuries later, the two souls were eager to merge with each other.
She loved me extremely deep
I loved her extremely deep
We also made many promises
in the delicate moments of love
In that planet of romance
There was no one except the two of us
The thrill of those pledges made our love deeper
We both had
a different earth
a different sky
There were only the two of us
in that supernatural world
Time has traveled a bit
We lost our earth and sky
All dreams have come crashing down
All the promises flew away
like clouds in the wind
I am sitting by the sea
and seeing the palace of memories collapsing.
Dr. Shailesh Gupta Veer 
Editor: Micropoetry Cosmos
(Fatehpur, UP, India)

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