Entertainment Desk: Rcently 2 songs written by Kabi Shahin Alam were released in India.

The names of the two songs
1) Koliza Angar
2) Ontor Korli Sai
Song 2 has been sung and Tune by Akash Choudhury, a popular singer from Assam, India.
The song titled “Koliza Angar” was released by the record label “Matir Khacha”. Jey Islam composed the music. The song is produced by Danesh Ali.
The song titled “Ontor Korli Sai” is released by the record label “Akash Music Station”. Music by Nazmul Haque. The song is produced by Bablu Chowdhury.

About song 2, the lyricist of the song Kabi Shahin Alam said, I always try to give good songs to the listeners, I write songs keeping that in mind. I never thought that my song would be sung by a singer in India. But finally, that opportunity happened thanks to the lyricist Abdur Rohman Maruf brother, for this, sincere gratitude and love to him. Producer Danesh Ali brother is a very good hearted person. Made the song as I like. I am lucky to have such a producer. Gratitude and love to him. Thank you.

Akash Choudhury, the composer and vocalist of this song, said, I just want to say that I am very blessed to have composed and sung the song written by Kabi Shahin Alam brother. Because there is a surprise in the writing of Kabi Shahin Brother, if you want to understand that surprise, then I want you to listen to the songs, I think you will also like the songs very much. Without further ado, I want to say to Kabi Shaheen Brother, write thousands more songs. Akash Choudhury prays for you, and I want to work more on songs written by Kabi Shahin Brother. Thank you.

He also has a number of songs awaiting release, the music videos of which are in the works. Very soon the Sylheti song written by him will be released on Qurbani Eid. “Ay Tui Kache” is sung by UK expatriate Akik Haroon.
It is known that the directors of those movies have collected the songs written by him in some movies.

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