Oyinkansola Alausa (honey)

I just took a peek through that hole in my fence
And I must say the road looks unclear enough to choose the path to take
Still within the barricade that confines my reality and fantasy to sleep

The deed hasn’t been done but hallucination has been a norm
Unsure of my visions çause the future I await has been bridged with a block
So I thought , and began to roll my dice for luck

Still stuck with the only route within my space
Like an assigned territory that shouldn’t bolt away
But, why did I choose confinement, when i could just be free, as
free as a bird

The fear to make mistake infected my judgement and I saw the easy
route like my milky juice
I’m so dense , I thought this direction will help me reach the peak
But the director himself has placed my Destiny amongst the stars

I built a huge wall myself and covered my shine with a fur
Forgetting I’m fierce and can make rounds till I win my race
I’m the siege and will break my wall.

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