When I have no means
To see you
And be with you
And wrap this whole universe
Of joy and pain in a single breath

When I know you are not around
Nor even far away
To date me and my mind

When the charming face and
Downing eyes and the marble breast
Have melted into fiction

When time has moved ahead
Leaving you and me behind
And is now pushing me alone ahead

And when I look behind
Only to find empty spaces spreading
Like eternity

A feeling of being alone
In this festival of joy and pain
Grips me.

I look around and find you not
Soon I find all sense subtracted from
My reason..my being…

And I wish to follow you
Fast into oblivion.

Dr j.s. anand
All rights reserved 2015 Jan 12


(Is it a crime?)

I asked Alexa,
Show me the woman
Whom I love
And the one who loves me

Disaster awaited me.
On both sides,
Alexa came up with
A few images.

A number of charming faces
Which fascinated me
In my different
Stages of life

And so many known people
Google thought
They loved me
Perhaps it (not she) had counted love signs.

At last I stumbled upon a face
Which startled me.
It was placed
In both the boxes.

Will you bother to know
Who loved me so much,
And whom I too
Loved to the point of ecstasy.

Hold your breath,
Let me allay your fears
Here is the image that Alexa brought
After studying my posts in the last 15 years.



Living smooth and peaceful
Not possible
Until you have paid
Your passage

In the world I see
Confusion and fights
Men and emotions
Entangled in an eternal fight

When the fare is not paid
Conductor fights with passengers
What is wrong with us?
We ask the Messengers.

The water, the winds.
Things that
No inhibitions show
Have a stopless flow

But when winds are trapped,
And waters tapped,
And earth turns a wealthful show,
Human life loses its glow.


(Birthday Thoughts)

A liability is a burden,
Something we owe to somebody
And assets are the things
That stand in opposition to them.

If we do not act in time
And correct the balance of give and take,
We ourselves turn into
A liability.

I see men unhappy,
And those often we charge
Gods with vengeance
Never looking deep into facts

We become an eyesore for
The universal life impulse
As soon as we become
Oblivious of our obligations

The great system which supports us
In this life,
Deserves and demands from us
A sense of thankfulness.

Stars turn hostile the moment
We disturb the divine harmony
With out thoughts
Not to talk of actions

It is a very sensitive Estate
In which, at every step,
We have to make sure
We do not turn a liability

Gods shake their heads in despair
When they find us,
Their chosen assets,
Turn liabilities one after the other

We earn their ire, and then starts,
A long drawn out battle
Of good and evil
Wrestling with each other.

If we can drive evil out of our system
It will strengthen the godly impulse
And gods will gladly
Look upon us as Divine Assets.



The one great wish of all times
That obsessed me
Was to trick oblivion
And somehow,
Convince gods that they should
Grant me immortality.

Eve was created
Not to give me company
But to make real the boon
Of immortality.
Like gods,
I too was a divine being
And immortality was my birth right.

Death cannot kill you,
Nor fire burn,
Nor the flowing waters
Of holy rivers
Carry for ever ashes thine.
You are a particle of light
No darkness can extinguish.


(I stand in utter consternation
I see people dying
In road accidents
Or killed by gangsters
For ransom
Or falling to the greed of
Cynical rulers and their proteges)


Here I create Eve,
At last the Master said,
And through her tie
The immortal thread.
Thou shall live
So long as you wish,
Until you do not break your bed.

Thus did marriage come into existence.
As no existence was possible
Without Eve
And men made sure
She was around with her bounty
Our kids.
For man,
The thread of immortality.

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Dr. Jernail Singh Anand is Founder Chairperson of the Ethical Universe: International Academy of Ethics, (a forerunner of the Univ of Ethics). He is an Honorary Member of the Association of Serbian Writers, an honour which was bestowed on Sh Rabindranath Tagore as well. He is Prof Emeritus in Indian Literature at The European Institute of the Roma Studies and Research Belgrade. Dr Anand has authored more than 150 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy. He is credited with the theory of Bio-text in critical theory. His work has been translated into more than twenty world languages. Author of 9 epics which are regarded as modern classics, Anand has organized 4 International Literary Conferences, latest of them, in Chandigarh. He was conferred Cross of Peace Cross of literature, Franz Kafka Laureateship 2022 and International Aco Karamanov Poetry Award 2022 (Mecedonia), to mention a few of them.

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