Akhadov, Eldar Alikhasovich

Amon entered Hatshepsut many times in the dark,
Sliding along the hollows and hills of her nakedness.
Invisible, he whispered endlessly, trembling all over:
“I’m your slave tonight, you’re my lady.
My lady, order me whatever you want,
I’ll do it at the beginning of the coming day!”
Hatshepsut’s eyes are as deep as honey,
The secret of knowing the world lives in them,
In love, her nature resides,
She does not ask God for anything…
And God dissolved. Dawn broke.
She was about 15 years old…
But God Amon is faithful to his promises:
From now on, his young wife –
Hatshepsut – ruler of Egypt, pharaoh!
Oh, the divine price for a delightful night!
Flying over Africa
Flying over Africa, which likes an ancient fire,
I flew all night amid the din of its drums.
Flying over Africa, which likes a bright green carpet.
I flew in a dream of its rivers and fog.
Flying over Africa, which is similar to the head of a unicorn.
With the Eye of Victory and the horn of Kilimanjaro.
Every night in a dream my way runs.
In the bright sky, white from the night tan.
I feel you by heart,
Even in the dark.
Water has a taste of life
When It is in your palms
We were so close that night,
That your smell comes from me.
The sky looks like a swinging bell,
from which a silent stellar ringing crumbles.
The shadow is surprised like the dog’s face.
Shadow lengthened.
Under Milk Wood
Mom, where are fairy tales born?
Under Milk Wood, my child, under Milk Wood.
Mom, how do they come from there?
Together with the Milk Wood, my child, together with the Milk Wood.
Mom, where am I?
In the Milk Wood, my child, in the Milk Wood.
Mom, someone is whispering sweet words to me.
This is a Milk Wood, my child, this is a Milk Wood.
Mom, he looks at me and smiles.
This is Dylan Thomas, my child, this is Dylan Thomas…

Akhadov, Eldar Alikhasovich is a famous Russian writer and poet. Originally from Azerbaijan (Baku). G. lives in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai.

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