At a school picnic
Dr. Jasimuddin Bhuya
Poet and journalist

On a picnic that day from school
All day with your loved ones
All the time on this day in joy
So many poems and stories have been made.
How many flowers and fruits are unknown
I just saw it I know I wrote it
After so many days, we are together with an open heart
We conducted an informative tour.
We eat with children
History, poetry, song chat
Taught and learned something again
That day at a picnic there.
In process…..


I was looking to you

Dr. Md. Jasim Uddin Bhuya

Poet and journalist

Stopped while walking on the road

Did you get off the rickshaw
Boys and girls with several others
You definitely haven’t seen me.
I’m looking after a long separation
You are really very beautiful
Kajol drew two eyes
I was wearing a Jamdani sari.
I saw you with amazing eyes
Your unexpected presence
For a while in the blink of a glance
My time passed in fascination.

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